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This weblog is to aid discussion and comment on male gender discrimination in the UK and the country's anti-male politically correct culture. It is not anti-women.

Far too often, the needs of men are not only overlooked but are purposely ignored. In addition, men are always cast as oppressors and others automatically as victims.

This site also aims to avoid falling into the PC trap of placing people into victim groups battling it out with each other to gain more power over another group. It will only raise issues of clear discrimination and issues where it is clear that the needs of individuals (whose secondary characteristic is that they are men) are not bring met. This is because not all men are the same nor are their needs.

In fact, in some cases areas where male needs are ignored, individual female needs or choices are also ignored (the change from competitive exam based GSCEs/O-Levels to course based study GSCEs is an example)

It is time these issues were addressed and openly discussed.

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