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Thursday, 26 March 2009


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Yes. This was largely missed in the reporting. Many Men,s health organisations are campaigning for better hours of opening and a more proactive approach to helping men. Can I draw readers attention to Men's Health week in June. Link below:

Please do publicise this if you can.

John Kimble

Obviously access to heathcare is an absolutely massive issue for men and a big reason why men's lives are so much shorter than women's.

However, there are other issues too - men's lives are not valued as much as women's and emphasis on their heath is also neglected by the government and by heathcare charities generally.

For example the first ever screening program for a men's heath issue (relating to aortic aneurysms) is currently being phased in, some 40 years after the first female specific screenings. Of course aortic aneurysms are far biger killers of men than many of the problems women are screened for, but men just aren't important are they?

The government really enjoys bashing men for supposedly neglecting their health but I don't buy this. So many men I know exercise far, far more than women, smoke less and eat fairly sensibly.

Admittedly they do work too hard sometimes and push themselves too hard and might be slower at reacting to a problem, but this clearly isn't due to some sort of death wish or lack of respect for their bodies.

Men ares just supposed to get on with things and their health just isn't an issue. The biggest proof of this is Cancer research - a huge organisation - who's biggest event is for women only. They, just like our government, constantly send out the message that cancer is a women's issue and not something for anyone else to worry about, which couldn't be further from the truth.

Given such messages combined with the bigger problem of terrible healthcare access is it any wonder that men don't manage to visit the doctor more often?

they clearly value their health tremendously, it's the heathcare system they're not so fond of (mostly due to it not being especially fond of them).


my local GP practice are now doing later opening one day per week, I've got a 6.30pm appointment next week, so I can personally report some progress on one front where men are disadvantaged. I'm certainly going out of my way now to pester my doctor with any ailment, more men need to do the same!

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