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Wednesday, 14 July 2010


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John Kimble

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paul parmenter

I usually cannot find fault with anything you say on this site John, but I have to disagree with one point here. We are NOT all waiting in either anticipation or trepidation for Radio Five's Mens Hour.

I have absolutely no expectation of anything worthwhile from that broadcast whatsoever. I am fully prepared for it to be yet another dreary, thinly-disguised, feminist-inspired attack on men and boys, of the type we have become so used to from the MSM for decades.

If it turns out to be anything better, that will be a pleasant surprise. But I won't be holding my breath. Just can't be bothered to get excited about it. Such is the generally abysmal standard of the tide of effluent that flows from the MSM these days.


I concur with Paul whose comments are astute and wise.

The mainstream media has an in-built culture of pro-feminist, anti-man bias. This tends to cut through constantly. The culture is very deeply embedded, as it is in Western society as a whole. The idea that a mainstream broadcaster - the BBC - would suddenly transgress this standard seems misguided.

What you can expect from the BBC show and other similar ones is a rehash of the 1970s "Men's Studies" ideology/discourse that women/feminists came up with. ("Men's studies" is merely a covert repackaging of [radical] feminism.)

It will pretend to "care" and "sympathize" with men in an extremely pro-female/feminist way. I.e. we sympathize with men "because they are victims of Patriarchy". How can men become more accustomed with the subordinate, inferior status is found in matriarchy/feminist society. The whole thing is disingenuous and condescending to the core. It is false consciousness. Women defining the male experience. In other words, more of the same.

In this "men's studies" discourse, feminism always trumps masculinism (which they deem to be illegitimate). None of the real issues that affect the common man are discussed; they are all minimized or excused, callously dismissed.

The "men's studies" platform/discourse is the same old gynocentrism raising its ugly head once again.

"After 64 years, the BBC has gifted Woman's Hour with a cheeky younger brother - this is a lad's mag less about leering at ladies and more concerned with how the modern man deals with relationships, life and everything in-between.

Award-winning journalist and broadcaster Tim Samuels is accompanied by The Posse - leading males from the world of entertainment, sport, politics, media plus an on-hand shrink. This is where you can hear familiar people talking about unfamiliar things as they leave their comfort zones behind.

Including features such as Thought for the Gay, Questions You Daren't Ask Your Doctor, Midlife Music Crisis, Token Women, and Hoover the Studio or Apologise for Feminism."

Does not look promising. No discussion of the real issues. No explicit anti-feminism, which is necessary on a true "men's issues" radio show.


"After 64 years, the BBC has gifted Woman's Hour with a cheeky younger brother."

Actually, does that not tell you everything you need to know?

Men's issues are seen as subservient to women's issues; they are seen in the context of, not transgressing the discourse-boundaries or assumptions of feminism.

All feminism is radical feminism and all feminism seeks to eliminate all male power. How can feminism and "men's issues" be deemed compatible in a genuine authentic way? They are not and they cannot be.


"Token Women"

Why is a so-called "men's show" discussing a feminist issue/strawman/talking point?

Again, the whole thing is being seen in the context of women/feminism.

Why not discuss male unemployment for example. How women/feminists are behind a number of biases surrounding male unemployment. How female editors and a gynocentrist/misandrist/feminist culture in the media prevent the discussion of male unemployment.

The idea that men have specific interests separate from those of women [as articulated by feminism], and which are opposed by feminism, is totally avoided.


Well, we'll just have to wait and see anyhow. I may be pleasantly surprised.


James Williams' show Men's Matters is a different show. Its not the Five Live questionable effort.

Its on

The episode I listened to had an excellent discussion from the Families Need Fathers.

No pseudo-men's right programme there, proper debate 100%.


Sorry but there's a lot of nonsense on this site. Frightened men who see feminism as a deep threat. If feminism is so all pervasive and poor little men are the main victim, why are most of the world's poor women, why are most of the UK's poor women, why do women do all the crappest jobs, why do women still get paid considerably less than men for doing the same jobs, why do women have to bring up the kids and do all the domestic work, and why are most of the films we watch, most of the music we listen to, most of the art we see, made for men and about men. Christ guys grow up a little eh?

Rational Male

Not one sentence in Pete's rant has any truth to it.


Agree, Rational Male.

Not that a little thing like the truth ever got in a feminist's way.

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