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Thursday, 23 February 2012


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Mike Buchanan

Thanks for giving publicity to this. I look forward to meeting Tom and being in the audience supporting him, along with two other writers on gender matters:

Steve Moxon (travelling from Sheffield) - 'The Woman Racket'

Swayne O'Pie (travelling from Bath) - 'Why Britain Hates Men: Exposing Feminism'

I shall be travelling from the throbbing metropolis of Bedford, myself.

It would be great to meet some of you at this debate, which journalists will be attending. Tom deserves our strong support for the stand he's taking. Please make yourselves known to Steve, Swayne or myself (and Tom, I'm sure) before or after the event.

There will come a day when 100,000+ men will claim to have been present in Room 309 of the Roberts Building for the legendary debate on the evening of Tuesday 28 February 2012. Why not be among the small % of them who isn't lying? You know it makes sense.

Mike Buchanan

Tom Martin

The donate link is not working in this press release, so instead, go to the sexismbusters website and click the donate button there, which is working.

I have to get my arguments in to the judge and defense by the 6th of March, so donations now will allow me to pay for further barrister advice to maximize this case's effectiveness.

Thank you.


Hello Tom

I am really sorry I cannot make it to the UCL however I am certain that the man from the throbbing metropolis of Bedford will speak for me and many other people who regard your challenge as critical and very brave. I want to wish you you well as I am sure that you are going to be speaking for the millions of men and women who want an honest, transparent and fair debate on this matter without the usual "shaming tactics" to stifle debate or dissent used by feminists by using accusations of sexism or misogynist.

I am aware that you will have Mike Buchananan, Swayne O'Pie and Steve Moxon in the audience who are three authors of truly excellent books providing the most forensic anlaysis of this subject in decades so you are in good hands.

Best wishes




I know you'll do everything you can to win this case. Thanks for all you are doing and I really hope you make history with this one. All the very best. Oh, and I hope the case makes it to mainstream TV and radio because I think you'll find you have more support than you had ever bargained for!

John Kimble

Might be worth mentioning who Tom's opponent is? It's more than relevant to this blog and past investigations. Her website:

Mike Buchanan

John, thanks for the info on Estelle Hart. Amazing stuff. She alleges women get longer prison sentences than men. On which planet, I wonder? I really must send her a copy of Steve Moxon's 'The Woman Racket'.

Come on, brothers, we have sisters to fight...

Mike Buchanan

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