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Saturday, 24 March 2012


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Nah, you see I don't agree that this is quite the right tactic. I think committing an offence by exposing your penis in public during the daytime in full view of children etc. is a step too far IMHO. I personally think this would make men look bad overall and it would divert the emphasis away from the core issue. Just not my cup of tea, thank you. I mean, can you imagine for one moment the opposite happening whereby a group of feminists stood outside of M&S, removed their knickers and opened their legs to the public to display their genitals? I admire their courage and commend their creativity (to a degree) but I don't think the "way" they are trying to send this message helps men get taken seriously, it really doesn't.


..except Matt o,connor is an ex fabian who don't give a toss about Men and Fathers, he has been raking it into his pocket for years and using the matter for his own ends.

Any movement does not need Matt O,connor at the helm, he is scum along with his wife who denied her kid seeing his father previously.

Ian King

In fairness and aimed at the first comment, why does nobody say the same about nakedness in public in front of kids when Women do it?

They have done this many times all over the place and in front of where is their demonisation please?

Ian King

How to shut down the feminist movement in one day?

I was thinking last night all these little protests against Misandry like F4J's recent one against M&S backing of the feminist fronted Mumsnet, the vocal yet mostly unappreciated and largely media thwarted efforts of father’s rights activists are essentially a waste of time. They are and will always be thwarted by the Media, the Government and others who cow-tow to the dishonest and inequitable agenda of the feminist movement.
Now, what if Men everywhere simply had a week of “down -tools” instead? I think, no I KNOW the impact would be so unbelievably catastrophic that not only would most women, hooked by the lie’s of feminism be running for their traditional roles quicker than then they can say, “I want", I honestly believe the Country itself would essentially collapse. That is how big the impact would be if Men said, "I've had enough of this sh** "

This impact could quite possibly happen in ONE DAY!

Let’s see just for a second what a minuscule fraction of what Men contribute to the daily world would do if they downed tools..

How long before we were invaded without our armed forces? Do you really think some of our nearest neighbours we consider “allies” would not take advantage? Is the woman thrust by agenda into the armed forces to appease feminists going to save us? I think not.
The same kind of disparities exist in the armed forces between requirements for Men and Women, with of course the ones for women being lower, in the case of press-ups for example 50% lower. So given the motto has always been “you’re a soldier first” do you think the enemies soldiers won’t work out in their forces to make up for our women? Maybe they have dumbed down requirements for their women meaning their men will have to carry the weight on the front-line like ours do? Either way it is still MEN who will be doing what’s needed.

Do I even need to point out the obvious if that was the case? Within 24hrs the country would be in a state of complete bedlam and Anarchy. Will those women, thrust into the force by dumbing down the requirements to appease the ridiculous Feminist agenda and false equality save us? No, I think not.
An example of this inequity is seen in Staffordshire Police force. 78 women undertook the test and 49 failed, compared to 157 male entries and seven fails. So risk lives, lower quality and standards, just so unmerited women can play cops and robbers, do you think they would be of any use in any REAL scenario without men propping them up?

Like our Politicians the feminists fiddle while Rome burns. Do you think those women thrust into the brigade to appease feminists and unmerited equality agenda’s (while being propped up by men) will save us? Previously, potential fire-fighters had to extend a 100kg ladder by themselves in 20 seconds to qualify. However, now they are only required to life a 30kg weight over their head. Fast runs known as 'beep tests,' have also been scrapped, along with having to carry a 12 stone person 100 yards in less than a minute. SO I guess that means you might be okay if you’re a little Asian person but the rest of you can burn, that’s if any of the female ones can even drive the truck there...oh wait they can’t because there will be no oil to run it, anybody to fix infinitum.... ever wonder why you don’t see an all-female fire crew going to big building fires?

Which is pretty much everyone who does work in Oil and which means no heating, no transport well pretty much anything that relies on Oil, from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep and while you dream your existence depends on the MEN who drill, refine and deliver your Oil. Put simply, your World would grind to a halt, mass public disorder would break out shortly followed by War.
Try using your hair tongs and microwaves then ladies. How about life support machines? No internet, no computers, No T.V, No telephones all of which were invented by Men, well you can use your imagination and think of many situations you will be certainly buggered and possibly dead without some of these things within one day!

Well maybe women could tap the natural resources of feminist s verbal flatulence for a while but your Sunday roast will be screwed along with heating, hot water , mains electric that runs on Gas turbines etc ad infinitum.

Well while there are some capable ladies who can drive, who’s going to fix them anyway? There will be no point in fixing them of course because there will be no oil to run them, electric for the signs and road lights etc infinitum

Where you gonna live? Who will repair the buildings? Can you imagine all those mumbling feminists humping bricks and concrete all day long? Who will then cry “victim” too when the REAL work needs to be done? Why do you think you never see feminist’s queuing up to work on building sites? It means real hard bloody work that’s why, not sat on your fat ass in some office job. Funny how tiny petite Asian women are seen working in such jobs all day long in suffering heat, yet how often do you see a pampered, self indulgent unmerited Western woman doing it? You know one of those that laughingly claim to be equal? So who will build all the buildings or maintain them? Germane fu*king Greer with her mouth?

Roads, pavements, walkways, bridges, tunnels, all mostly designed and built by MEN and Maintained by MEN. If Men downed tools, these would all grind to a halt almost instantly!

How many female dustbin “persons” do you see? You remember the 1970’s rubbish strikes and how much filth, rats and disease risks started springing up in JUST ONE WEEK? Maybe next time some woman full of her self-entitlement throws away another load of food because she has stuffed too many cakes down her gullet already, she might want to remember who gets rid of it, who recycles it, infinitum.

You get the picture yes?

This is the utmost tiny tip of a MASSIVE iceberg of Men who keep our World going every second of every day. Now think of all the jobs women do and name me one that Men could not instantly take over and do already?

Would the World stop turning if the Feminist downed tools..No it would work a whole lot better and probably wouldn’t even notice if they did.

Ian King

..........There are two main reasons this will probably not happen:

1) Western Men have been enslaved by Chivalry for too long and as such are effectivley bitch slapped into not standing up for themselves or getting together to do so. It is slowly changing now though....
2) Men are far more responsible and accountable than women and in Society it is wrongly viewed that a woman is generally never at fault for anything. This is reflected massivley in the disparity in sentencing of crimes, corporate accountability, moral accountability infinitum

Even if a fraction of this was to happen, the feminist movement would be given such a punt in the c.... it won't know what hit it.



The women in the video you linked to in your first comment kept their knickers on and didn't reveal their vaginas, which would have been gross had they done so. I think what those men did in public is a step too far in most people's opinion. It just doesn't help the cause and makes them look like idiots. And I get fed up when men make themselves look like idiots because that's exactly what we're trying to prevent.


Brian you mean Dave? Anyway..So getting their breasts out, laying on the floor and spreading their legs is okay?


" FEMEN justifies its provocative methods, stating: “This is the only way to be heard in this country. If we staged simple protests with banners, then our claims would not have been noticed”. Banners by FEMEN stating loudly "FUCK ME! is of course okay in public and in front of kids then is it?"

....or this kind of behaviour in public and in front of children?

or this?


or most pathetic of all with men helping them....

Yep it's all okay when WOMEN are doing it.

So what's good for the Goose....

Glen Poole

Politics aside - most men (and media outlets) would prefer to see pictures of naked FEMEN than naked F4JMEN - maybe there's a PR lesson to be learnt there


Well looking at Matt O'connor I could agree:-) However the naked FEMEN are just a bunch of useless mutts and feminist dykes bandwagon jumping for attention, I doubt they have any merit amongst them to do anything else, any man who would show interest in them is obviously a lowly man of little taste or value.


My point is, Ian, that there is a big difference between boobs and genitals. Boobs, bums, chests etc. are on one level whereas genitals are in a completely different league. Stooping to those lows probably does more harm than good. If women want to give themselves a bad name, then let'em. Trying to copy them was a good idea until they removed their briefs in front of children. And the police had every right to arrest them. This paints a bad picture of men. It makes them look like morons. It degrades them and I certainly don't condone that type of behaviour. I also totally agree with you that putting up banners with the slogan "f*ck you" on it is ludicrous, outrageous and totally wrong. And if 4 men did the same (just because some women did it) I'd react with the same disapproval, because it is very wrong and very offensive to many people.


mumsnet's response:

"We believe that the issue of a father's access to his children is important and needs to be discussed. We understand that many Fathers 4 Justice campaigners are driven by intense personal anger over what they feel is injustice they have suffered in their own cases. But the recent actions the group have taken against Mumsnet and others constitutes plain and simple bullying and intimidation, and only harms its cause."

John Kimble

Croi - A better response from Mumsnet would to stop being sexist 24/7 and therefore stop inciting such hateful comments.


Thanks! Great post you have written on "FATHERS4JUSTICE CAMPAIGNS AGAINST MISANDRY AT MUMSNET". Really I can say that your post is very informative, I'll come across your blog again when you will update it with new.

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