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Monday, 16 April 2012


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In another bit of news, I have managed to get my county council to remove the " 1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence " LIE that is so often touted in feminist propaganda, from their website.

I challenged the council to show the source of this nonsense and prove it with empirical data or remove it so as to stop spreading false information. They could not prove it or show any evidence.

Next is the misandric "freedom group" and their posters.


Funny women get away with murder (literally) on the excuse of post natal depression, men can't even get a bag of crisps. Men have every right to be depressed post-nataly , especially when they suddenly realise she can kick you out, take the house and the kid , make some false allegations and bob's your uncle. Enough to depress anyone.

The Guardian, what someone actually reads that shit? Explosion of grassroot feminism? What did one of them set light to their Tampon?

Girls marrying down: I saw one the other day when approached by a guy in a ferrari , she said no I don't want to marry you , your money and vast property portfolio disgusts me, she then promptly went off and slept with a sheet metal worker in his bedsit...AS BLOODY IF!!

19 false allegations and NOT ONE BLOODY PICTURE OF THIS SICK FEMALE! Yet one false allegation against a man and HIS picture will sure be in the papers eh?.


Well done Ian. Please everyone take the lesson and similarly challenge lies repeated by public bodies.


The Guardian - postnatally depressed Dads article - I honestly have no idea how this female writer has the audacity to write such hateful and spiteful feministic misandry. What I don't undertstand is, judging by the comments which follow these types of articles, the vast majority of which rebuke the lies and nonsense, why do these columnists keep writing such tosh!!!

By the way, it looks like we have two Daves here. I'm the one who signs with a capital D.


Connected with my first post above, a complaint about stereotyping and offence was made to the WPBC council about this poster (above). They not only refused to remove it stating there was nothing wrong with it, but refused to allow me to put up International mens day posters arguing "they were inappropriate". It was also noted that no such "propaganda" posters aimed at women like this were around or were allowed.

To date all my efforts have been off my own back and despite trying to get support from mens groups all they seem to be doing is out "raising finances"? Say no more eh?


Here lads, follow the Nad-sack man. He saw the feminist future coming and made a very good decision:-)

John Kimble

Ian some of your work sounds rather impressive.

As for the news, don't forget the latest victory against Race for Life sexism:

Story was also covered by BBC Look North


Lets face it:

If CancerUK cared in the least about raising money for Cancer research, why would they only allow women? More Men suffer from Cancer and surely denying 50% of the population from participation is putting feminist agenda before the well being of all people equally. That alone shows you the depths of the "agenda's" decisiveness and tactic.

Drop the's starting to stink!


" A spokewoman for the charity advised that the decision was predominantly as a result of the feedback from other supporters, who could not be named "for obvious reasons".

Is it me or does that sound somewhat suspicious as well as a little revealing?

What "other supporters" would they be exactly and why won't you name them? Is this a charity or some "dodgy" organisation steered by the crooked?

I think we all know why that may be eh?


" Last year, however, low sign-ups forced the cancellation and merger of several Race for Life events. This was despite Tesco coming on board as corporate supporter and pledging to bring one million more runners to the series. "

Just noticed this bit, so they are happy to remain sexist and let their numbers go down and contributions, but still want to ban men? Doesn't that really show their agenda and priority.

Feminists putting their nasty agenda before curing cancer.....that says it all!


Top of the day to one and all in this lousy UK weather. Now, for the good news.

Am close friends on Facebook with ClaireParker:the Claire responsible for the magnificent achievment in getting "boys" allowed to participate - the next objective is "all males".

The link below should take all on Facebook to the "Race for Life2" group.There is also a petiton...!/groups/105829212882442/

Hope you all sign the petition and join Race for Life2


I signed it!

John Taylor

Many thanks to Ian for signing the petition. Hope everyone reading this will :

Many thanks in anticipation...


John Taylor and I have been discussing on CRUK's website the above comments by your contributor 'ian' of 18 April 2012 at 20:26.
John has unequivocally condemned the comments, which I had suggested were insulting and offensive and provided good justification for those women who wanted to keep the event women only.
Another conributor on CRUK, known as 'harrieth', suggested that if the event becomes mixed, people who make such offensive comments about the opposite sex should be banned from competing.
Given these condemnations and suggestions, I stated to John that I would give feedback to CRUK that I now support changing the event to a 'mixed' status, although they will already know that as the discussions are on their website, to which here is a link for your perusal :-

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