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Sunday, 25 November 2012


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Stuart Rises.


No this site appears to be a bunch of hypocrites who have twice placed females, including feminists, before MRA. You will note it started out with a simple comment stating, quite reasonably, that the MRM does not need women in it and at this stage of its evolution it is a foolish and risky thing to do in allowing women into the core places of MRM. Some of us have been around long enough to see this done before and the usual outcome of it, either infighting and trouble or complete collapse of a group, by design.

Even some who call themselves MRA are still impregnated with the brainwashing of chivalry, white-knightism and just plain cowardice when they are confronted with the situation. These MRA are also a liability to the MRM.

That is unless of course certain people are bringing in women to appease a certain demographic and are trying to use the cause for their own personal benefit, which is also something I have seen more than once.

On your head be it. Just remember who warned you. You will also note a certain "latcher" has not answered some questions?

P.S stop trying to block me, I can get around anything, you should know that by now :-)


"You will note it started out with a simple comment stating, quite reasonably, that the MRM does not need women in it "

This is quite a ridiculous assertion, and shows an amazing lack of understanding of the issues involved. Perhaps when Stuart is a little older he'll start to understand some of the more complicated aspects of campaigning - like not alienating a large proportion of your supporters.

Stuart he who cannot be silenced

No Jon, men like YOU need women to fight for men on your behalf. To say the MRM "NEEDS" women, is to suggest that men on their own do not have the intelligence, will and wish to do so for themselves. That may well be the case with you and those like you, but do not presume that all men are that way.

There is also nothing ridiculous about guarding from infiltration and disruption within. What is ridiculous is a man who makes claims against another and says he is to be ignored, while in defence of a woman who is apparently a self centred latcher and question dodger, but cannot shut up and ignore him himself.

Jon, why don't you just ignore me if what I say has no basis as you claim?

Mike Buchanan

Jon, Stuart asks a good question, 'Why don't you just ignore me...?' I shall personally ignore his comments from now on. We know very well what he thinks, and I for one don't need to read it yet again. If nobody responds to his commments, he'll eventually give up, and maybe set up his own blog on which Skimmington (and others) can post abusive comments. Except I suspect Skimmington (and others who make comments on this site) wouldn't dream of doing so.

Mike Buchanan


No, he wont give up Mike.

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