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Monday, 31 December 2012


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Nice "state of the union " address skimmington, can't say I am as optimistic as you though, not yet :-)

Happy new year guys. let the next one be the turning point for our cause and let it be free of female interference or manipulation.

Let us openly and aggressively refute all men who are white-knights and manginas to any degree, refuse them and let them know it. At the same time educating them as to why. (yep that's going to be a hard one)

Skimmington says we have started to see equality in some places, I say we have only seen the shadow of 0.001% of equality for men, we are a LONG way from even getting properly started yet. Do not fall into apathy easily, you have decades of indoctrine, bad law and practises in every corner of every system we have to overturn, this will take many years of hard core work, not one or two of back patting talk on blogs.

Let us rip the backsides out of the legal system for its unforgivable pussy passing, its constant imprisoning of men with mental issues in their tens of thousands, while giving endless funding and victim status to women of the same.

Let us expose and tear apart the family court system a system which openly practises and supports child abuse, pussy passing and incredible gender bias in order to undertake the agenda.

Let us be unforgiving to the Media, pouncing on every article that has comments open in every publication where they spread misandry and lies or down-talk the male in any way.

Let us take to task the 3rd sector, a core bastion of major marxist-feminist funding and propaganda platforms.

Let us rip to pieces every M.P, especially male ones who sell out, who do not openly recognise all of the things mentioned here and act on them according too true and absolute equality...either way !

Finally, lets just celebrate being men and do many manly things that men enjoy !

Mike Buchanan

Thanks, Skimmington, for a useful review. Just one small point. Our objection to 'improving' gender diversity on corporate boards is based not on biological determinism, but on the established fact that it invariable leads to a decline in corporate financial performance. This is mainly because with quotas (or the threat of quotas) less experienced/talented women are appointed to boards than the best available men. An inevitable consequence of quotas, obviously...

I do personally hold to the view that there's a degree of biological explanation for why more men than women excel at the top levels of business (and numerous other fields). I lean towards the theories expounded by Prof Simon Baron-Cohen in 'The Essential Difference' (2003). But this view is, I recognise, not universally accepted, not even among C4MB or AFL supporters, and it has no place whatsoever in our campaigns' arguments.

May I take this opportunity to thank you and your contributors and commentators for your support in 2012, and the excellent and concise nature of your posts. I have no doubt we'll collectively make substantial progress in 2013 and the years beyond. The future is ours to seize, for the sake of men, women, and children across the country.

Mike Buchanan




About time but their facts need addressing funding differences are far higher than twice as much for breast cancer !!

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