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Thursday, 13 December 2012


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Stuart t (him)

No disrespect to john's most valiant efforts, but like I keep telling you fools, you will get nowhere that way. God bless you for trying all the same. Keep flogging that dead horse while they have you running in circles....

On another topic, . but same..NOW someone wants to pay attention to home;less because #a small fraction are WOMEN !!

Lets forget the 90%+ who are men and the thousands who have died over the years because they are disposable.


Many thanks for publishing Skimmington against a background of you being a very busy man. I stress, earning a living should always take priority over being Editor of TROM. In a busy working climate mistakes can happen - particularly on the www...

I submit my suggested amendment to the article... Would / can you, please, remove the first reference to:

I quote: Moderator_Sarah ???

That link confused me and will, I assume, confuse the masses...

The link is OK - below the previous link - it takes one to Sarah's message:
456. 16-Apr-2012 16:55 in response to: XXXXXX

Re: Is Race For Life Sexist.
Many Thanks & Best wishes...

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John I thought you had 'gracefully' retired? Please can you just draw a line under this as it is nothing more than spam and does not help the cause in anyway. Enjoy you well deserved retirement and please just move on now. With respect ML


Hi Mark (ML)...
I appreciated your requesting me to enjoy my well deserved retirement - but must stress:
1) Recorded Delivery letters cannot be rejected by spam filers;
2) I have "print screen proof" my e-mails have been received by Cancer Research UK...

As and when I obtain the answers to my questions from CRUK I will then release the info to 1) York Press 2) York MinsterFM; also to my contact in Truro...
With the greatest respect, I suggest you come up to speed by reading my latest statement that can be read here
With kind regards....

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