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Thursday, 27 December 2012


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Quite possibly the most stupid man in the world.


Check out the comments section though in the "Minsiter for Women and Equalities" article (Orwell spinning in his grave). Often these sexist articles get shot down by the lambasting they get from their own readers.


David Webb a classic show business socialist and noted White knight loses his point in trying to be too clever and satirical. Of course the story not so much in the news is that in similar rulings men in private pensions will pay more because women live longer and take more out of the pension pot. Financially much bigger but not as newsworthy.


The failures in boys education are now a scandal. Fogg rightly points to the continued positive action programmes for girls and the dearth of the same for boys. This cannot be un-connected to the pay gap in favour of women. Clearly the future is female. The real scandal is the resistance of the elites to any even small supports to boys.

Mike Buchanan

Brian, Bob and Groan, I couldn't agree with you more. Have decided it's about damned time someone started a political party which will defend men's interests - and more - since all three parties relentlessly pursue and finance militant feminist agendas. In appreciation of his previous exposure of our campaigns, we gave Quentin Letts a world exclusive on the matter:

We're going to do all we can to make the period before the May 2015 general election (and afterwards) as interesting as we can.

A Happy New Year to one and all.

Mike Buchanan




Brilliant stuff, Mike!

Do you want the name to be specifically named to highlight the fact that the party is aligned to men's rights, like:
"Men's Equalities Party (MEP)"
or perhaps capture a potentially wider audience with something like
"Equal Opportunities Party (EOP)" or
"Equal Rights Party (ERP)"?

I'm sure you'll have no end of ideas to choose from but you probaly need to pay careful consideration to who the name could potentially capture. In other words, it needs to be fully generic and future-proof such that everyone could align themselves with it.

Mike Buchanan

Thanks Dave, much appreciated. The naming of the party is taking up more time than I'd like to admit, but we'll get there. No rush, we need to get this right. The development of the objectives, manifesto, strategies, and tactics is coming along nicely.


Add every other bloody woman to that too. That's why everything is crap. A men's rights party is a waste of time effort and money. You will never win bugger all, the effort would be better spent on media infiltration and using resources to legally attack things in courts and politically with lobbying power etc.


Fantastic stuff, Mike. Thanks so much for doing this; it is incredibly important.

More detailed reaction and call to arms:

Can you get some articles up both here and at other places such as A Voice For Men?

Do you need any help? Is there anything I, or others, can do? I'm UK-based and am more than willing.

Very exciting - this feels like some sort of milestone.

Mike Buchanan

Thanks MrS. I have your email address and will email you some free extracts from my books. I recently had an article published on AVfM, 'Fighting feminism - let's get practical' and plan to do another (along with an interview) to coincide with the launch of the party.

Brian, at this stage I can only say that the thinking behind our decision to form a party will become clearer in due course. I have to be careful with what I say publicly at this stage. But we wouldn't be spending this time, effort, and money on a pipedream. A new approach to promoting men's rights needed to be taken, and we're taking it.


I can only see a party of any use for making money and "expenses" for those in it through donations and such.

It is clear that it will never get elected into anything or ever gain any power or position to change law and such. Have you stopped to think about the view of the MRM this will give out when it constantly fails with any number of votes and never win anything? This I think will have the effect of making the men's rights movement look bad, unsupported and a joke, like the monster raving loony party or similar.

I think it is a bad idea unless you have thought of something nobody else has in hundreds of years of the democratic process? One can only hope you have?


P.S I do think I see what you are trying to do Mike, it's just that if you start a fight you cannot win, you give more power to the other side. Good luck anyway, you never know, the rest of British men might actually re-discover the genitals and realise their brainwashing, I doubt it though.


For what it's worth I think that a theme of fairness is important. One can see from the beginnings of men's groups at universities that young men are reacting to the things that have come their way. I believe this is where energy could go. For a start young people below 35 have had to compete for education and work in an environment that takes equality as a social norm. The figures on education at all ages are stark and need more exposure. Young men have experienced both the positive action programmes for girls and the misandry in abuse programmes. They also will have competed for work and training with young women and again will have seen positive action programmes. Mike your same tactics; challenging the unfairness of quotas and digging out the actual evidence about boardrooms would be so valuable to make visible the lies that inform current policy and mobilise young peoples concern about unfair treatment.


Brian I think for my generation the issue is that being a man includes"women and children first". This is why the slogans "deadbeat dads, misogynist,wife beater, rapist, etc. Have worked so well for feminism. The White Ribbon campaign grew rapidly as men in sports can easily be pursuaded to support women. This male impulse to protect women is thus twisted by the "all men are rapists" brigade. Hence I think more productive ground is unfairness in education and work. Here the feminist claims can be challenged. I say this as someone most actively concerned with DV. But I have to admit that that issue is most helped by women as well as men as male campaigners are all to easily painted as supporting wife beating. An it's men most opposed to wife beaters.


Promise my last post on this. Mike how about "Equal Opportunities Commission" . The name has been vacant for a few years.


I wonder how you will deal with the more hard-line elements of the MRM? There are a lot of very angry men out there, many of them have been ripped to pieces and lost everything because of the bias and outright criminal undertakings in our law and government and the parasitic dishonest ways of the majority of western women.

Some I know have been on the verge of murder or suicide and have some (very understandable) hate and mistrust in them.

I have already seen you cannot deal very well with some of them on this blog. You won't last two seconds in politics if you cannot handle that. You will not last long either, by alienating them and creating factions that will work against you? Will this party of yours have any women like those who have caused friction recently on here in it?

What are your thoughts towards these types of men and on a similar subject what are they towards MGTOW and how will you represent the two groups of Men?


A name?

I suggest you look no further than this site for inspiration on that:

How about looking back to the roots of the MRM, in Vienna around that era? It is important you should both honour and reflect ones roots, as importantly as any party MUST shout loudly about the long history of the MRM and what this history reveals to those who hear it.

It will awaken a lot of men and de-bunk many myths once people start to be educated on this history. The name should be representative of those who started all of this.


Groan, sticks and stones should be the mantra in that case. So name calling and shaming language by feminists and some men's weakness is a reason to have women into it? Sorry that's a bloody poor reason in my book.

If you think having females in will give it some advantage, I think all are wrong. You will however open the door for divide and conquer from within and factions will split against you as a result. Just been watching the film about Sarah Palin, now there was a good example of an idiot man thinking a woman is of use as a token gesture or some political advantage. He learned the hard way eh?

In answer to your "generation of thought" I have said before Groan the first port of MEN. The brainwashed white-knight and mangina amongst us, the majority. They must be dealt with, they are the real enemy to men's rights, whether intentional or not. As a man you should already know, the feminist has absolutely no power without these useful idiots as their enforcers.

It's politics Groan,

Like when you attack a country, you take out communications, infrastructure, water, power etc. The same needs to be done to marxist feminism, take out their funding and enforcers without mercy . Job done.

A good place to start is by attacking the 3rd sector and pushing the history of MRM and the real truth about the suffering of men into the public Psyche.

The MRM history website I posted in the above comment is an excellent starting place for that information. How many males in this country have a clue about the contents of those pages? 99.9% don't and that is why they have been brainwashed with chivalry and such.

It's time to tell them, fu** what the feminists have to say, just walk straight over the top of them and keep shouting it over and over and over like a regimental march.


I agree that it's not only the feminists that we need to tackle here. Women in general will naturally take advantage of any privileges coming their way and so they need to be convinced that any change will bring a widespread, positive outcome to society. And I totally agree that the real issue will be educating the millions of men who currently fall into the "white knight" camp or else simply don't understand or even remotely care about their own gender or society in general. Boys have been bred for thousands of years under conditions that have seen them indoctrinated with the notion that they are the protectors and that their live are disposable whilst the female form should reap all the privileges.

I actually do fully agree that men, on the whole, are the main barriers here. They are generally the ones who pander to the feminists and appear to endorse the unfairness in today's society. The more I think about this, the more I believe we should be applying a serious regime of edification aimed squarely at our young male population. We need to find ways to help them understand that they are just as important as the female population and should be respected and treated fairly just like their female counterparts.

When the male population begin to understand their self worth, they will begin to resist feministic political campaigns and misandric efforts to alienate them or put them down in the media etc.

I think that feminists are equivalent to a burning fire where as our uninformed male population are equivalent to the wood around the edge. Take away the wood and the fire begins to die.

Please bear this in mind, Mike, when you formulate your objectives and derive your strategies :-)


One particular strategic point of course would be target seats where the Labour candidate was chosen from an All Women-Shortlist.

This paper covered the history of this issue

And the latest seats are


Thank you Dave. I agree hence my suggestion around a focus on issues affecting young men. It is their energy that needs to be engaged most. Even some prominent feminists changed their tune as they saw their son's grow up in a misandrist society. Education and work are very widely experienced and resonate with most young men. It is a place to start .


Mike, is it wise to try to take on those seats you already know are sewn up by positive discrimination in the first instance? Seats that basically you have no chance in winning.

Surely it would be more logical to infiltrate the political system by taking weaker seats easier to start with, get the numbers up and all that? I think if you try diving in at the deep end from the start you might get slapped and handed your hat, killing your image and credibility straight away?

Mike Buchanan

Just wanted to thank you all for your comments, which my supporters and I (all fans of TROM) are following closely. All very helpful and thought-provoking.

You'll hopefully understand that I need to be careful what I say about our objectives etc., we need to 'keep our powder dry' before we officially launch the party. I expect this website, like mine, gets its fair share of radfem visitors.

I didn't think 2012 could improve after the publication of the 'Mail' article and the consequent publicity - it was even covered in an American radio show, to my amazement - but last night I was emailed by two 'Mail' Features Editors who independently said the Editor had liked the piece and was pleased with the response to it. They want to interview me in the next few days concerning my campaigns and the new party. All looking good. I don't think it will be long before the other major daily papers start reporting more on men's issues and anti-male discrimination. About damned time, I think we can all agree.

Mike Buchanan





Mike, I can't say how excited I am about this and I'm sure everyone else is too! You have a real opportunity here to make an impression via these interviews. Please, please ensure that you reel off all of the stats which show the discrimination that our young generation of boys will have to endure, just to make it absolutely clear how many people are affected. Tell them how THEY are affected by today's discrimination, just in case, like so many, they don't know. And please report back to us how you get on...

I've been predicting a backlash this decade for a while now and I'm starting to feel that you, Mike, could be the catalyst here, and an inspiration to all. I also strongly believe that everything in life is motivated by money. It might be prudent to suggest to the interviewers that the media, which is always looking for fresh, often contentious and thought-provoking articles, could run a survey or series of articles following your progress. Anything to get heard would be an enormous acheivement but keep spouting the stats Mike. Don't stop with the hard facts. It will be those hard stats that will win you people's attention.

Mike Buchanan

Thanks Dave. Feminists are driven nuts by stats, of course. The key weakness of the feminists' arguments is that (for the past 30+ years, at least) they've been based on lies, while the key strength of MRM arguments is that they're based on facts. I believe truth will inevitably win in the end, it's just a matter of time and applied effort. Feminists won't give up without a bitter fight. But there's a historical inevitability about the ulimate defeat of the feminists across the developed world. I suspect feminists know it, too - at least the smarter ones. Maybe that's why they're focusing on feeding their toxic ideology to the poor citizens of the third world?

Meeting with the 'Daily Mail' journalist in London tomorrow. Had a nice chat with her today, fingers crossed...


Respectfully after many years in this game, I will reserve my "excitement" until I am absolutely convinced we do not have another Matt O' connor and his horse mare in our midst, using the MRM or fathers rights to line their own pockets or for their own motives or gain.

Frankly if I find another individual or group claiming to speak for MEN'S rights who behind the scenes is selling it out or using it. I am sure they will be getting thrown off a bridge instead of me climbing up one for them.

Anyone who does such is of course scum and should be dealt with harshly by the MRM.

Here is , SINCERELY, hoping that is not the case and that we can all get behind it.

I will await Mikes answer to my previous questions and more, until he is ready to declare his party formally. I will not forget them of course.

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