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Thursday, 24 January 2013


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Mike Buchanan

Thanks S, but the show will be broadcast on Monday (28 Jan)

Mike Buchanan

Paul F.

Oh great, well that's going to be a massive non-event, isn't it. You know what, most people don't care whether it's pigs or sows running animal farm (i.e. the outcomes for those at the very top of the social hierarchy).

It's ordinary, common garden gender discrimination that people care about most, i.e. equal financial provision in the health service, the justice system, pensions and so on.

Can't you see the whole premise of the discussion is completely flawed: why should the BBC concentrate on one of the few areas of British life (the number of people FTSE boards and women becoming bishops), when the institutionalised discrimination against male citizens is so strong and pervasive in areas of life, which are far more widely experienced?

So the MP's make a token gesture, and invite
Buchannen and Steve Moxon before their committee, when it's quite clear they will take very little notice of what they say (the clue is in the title, guys).

So the question which never gets asked is: why is there a women and work committee in the first place, when male unemployment is so much higher? Why only look at one side, when the number of female graduates is much higher as well?

To most people, discussing all the academic papers as to whether female board members increase productivity is precisely that - academic. You may feel you've done well in the discussion, you may not, but all the time, the questions which really need to be asked are not getting asked in the first place.

Mike Buchanan

Paul, thank you. 'Improved' gender diversity in boardrooms is the Achilles heel of the assault on men in the workplace. Of course the House of Lords and House of Commons select committees take little notice of what I and others say, which is precisely why we're registering a political party, which will have the broader assault on on men in the workplace on its agenda... as well as the health service, the justice system etc.

We're working at our own cost to change the political landscape. Do let me know if there's anything more you think we can do. Thank you.

Mike Buchanan



Mike Buchanan

Paul, another thought. Given that you see fit to deride my efforts, perhaps you'd be so good as to inform visitors to TROM about the actions YOU are taking to fight the injustices you highlight? Or are you simply expecting others to fight this war, thinking that by tapping away on a computer, you're making a contribution?

Mike Buchanan



David, I'm not sure calling anybody an "asshole" is doing anything for the MRM, or men in general. Why don't you take that chip off your shoulder and DO something yourself?


I'm getting very tired of the constant aggression from those who claim they are MRAs. My response to David and people who share his views:

Looking forward to seeing you on the Politics show, Mike.


So MrShadowfax, so you think Men can't accomplish it without women do you?

Well please do not speak in my f-ing name or many others. You wonder why many in the MRM get their backs up at AVFM or the likes of you?

You are right in feminists used "useful idiots" for support of their cause. I still see useful idiots being used right now..just to idiot to realise it yet.

Mark my words , what I have said, I stand by.



"Well please do not speak in my f-ing name or many others."

I didn't speak in your name. I told you that I think you are wrong, and that your attitude is self-defeating. And I stand by it too. Everything else I wanted to say is in the video. Good day.



I, for one, am really grateful for what you are doing and I wish you the best of luck on the TV appearance. I just ask you to do your very best for us - I know you will. Please speak confidently and don't be cornered or covertly diverted away from the facts that will help to make the public aware of the modern plight of men and boys. There are just so many facts available at your fingertips that you may find them hard to get out in the time available, but please, please try while you have airtime coverage on a high-profile programme like this to get those facts out plain and simple. Don't underestimate those presenters, either; they are pros at work and will likely have something up their sleeve! So having one or two things up yours too would probably help. And do us all a massive favour. When they ask about quotas, ask them why quotas are only being requested for the safe, top paid jobs in our economy and that they'd probably get taken more seriously if their overall strategy was a little less 'strategically selective'!!

And if they hit you with something that you find difficult to answer, suggest that for every one item they care to raise which favours a point for them, you could raise 5. And then raise them: homeless numbers, cancer research, cusdody rights, education need for me to teach you how to suck eggs :-)

Paul F.

Look, Mike, I'm sorry, I probably was a bit outspoken in my post. I'm basically leftist in my politics, so the plight of company directors is not really high up my agenda. Having said this, basing success upon merit is at least coherent and sincere as a position, so I have nothing much against that.

My frustration is more with the BBC, who will not allow more general matters of discrimination to be aired. You're clearly devoting a lot of time and effort to the cause, so kudos to you for that, and thanks also for giving the political party idea a go, since it may at least give men some sort of a voice. See what comes of it, though I wouldn't expect too much sympathy forthcoming from the mainstream media.


It is no coincidence the stench of the left wing is strong in the undercurrent between the little group gathering under the guise of MRM.

Some have been on to that for a while now ;-) It will get nasty.

Mike Buchanan

Gentlemen, thanks for your comments. All helpful. Well, nearly all haha.

The media is (at last!) atarting to get more interested in men's rights. Following a lengthy interview recently I'm expecting a two-page feature in a leading newspaper soon, which may help 'light the blue touch paper'. I'm being approached by women's magazines for interviews. It's all too easy to forget that militant feminists assault most women too, and some particularly hard e.g. mothers of boys who see their sons' life prospects being blighted.

I applaud AVfM's exposure of women such as Girl writes What?, JudgyBitch and others. They'll appeal to a female audience which male MRAs will struggle to reach. This isn't a men v women war. It's a militant feminists v everyone else war.

Mike Buchanan




Isn't there anything you can do about people posting using whatever name they like. Someone is posting using my alias "Dave" when they could quite as easily use something else. This gets awfully confusing for the reader. I have a feeling that one particular person is posting using several names. This is where a forum would help because it forces you to register. It's a shame because I think this is a great site for news but you may have to tighten up on registration??


Dave is "your" alias? Funny I thought it was a persons name? Maybe if you used your full name it woudl help. Then again it begs a question as to why some of those running things don't use their full names eh?



Many people don't use their real name on the internet; it's just the way it is, I'm afraid. But to use someone's alias on this site when you KNOW it will create confusion is a little pointless, don't you think? Also, there is someone around here you keeps posting and they have a strikingly similar prose / attitude and yet they appear to be posting under lots of different names and don't give away their real name, Derek!


Has it never occurred to you DAVE, that other people might also be called Dave? Considering you post very little (it seems with a quick look) perhaps they use their own name not seeing you. It really does not take much imagination to use maybe Dave B. or Dave7164 or some silly handle like some kid hiding. Why are you "scared" to use your name anyway, you don;e something illegal?

Trying to "lay claim" to just the name "Dave" is plain silly. I have a similar prose to someone else? You want some Tin Foil to put on that ?


To those forming the Party. Well done and the very best of fortune. I think all avenues should be taken. What is for sure is that while the issues are still such "fringe" issues for our elite any and all opportunities should be taken.

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