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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


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Absolutely spot on! Just like MB cherry picking comment such manifest holes in logic , and evident disregard for the reality of those not blessed with all the privileges of those so keen to claim they are victims. From the comfort of their protected lives.

paul parmenter

"Camberwell and Peckham is the constituency of a certain Ms Harman."

And therein lies another particular point: the good people of that constituency vote Ms Harman into power by huge majorities at election after election. Why? Just because she is high profile and people like the idea of seeing their MP on TV and in the papers every day? Even though she is shafting them and does bugger all to improve the lives of anyone, within her constituency or elsewhere? Except herself, her miserable apology of a husband and her feminist cronies, of course. Just how stupid do you have to be to keep making the same mistake?

Or is there a vicious circle at work here - keep the people uneducated and ignorant, and you can keep getting away with screwing them while making them believe you are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Because there is certainly a great deal of Orwellian doublethink going on - in the TUC, the Labour Party (also accurately caricatured as the "LieBig" Party) and plenty of other places.

Keep up the exposure. Eventually enough people will twig what is really happening and what the real agenda is, and we will have a chance to put a stop to it.


I think I've posted a link to this guy's videos before. If you haven't taken a look before then I implore you to take the time because he is a rising star in the world of men's rights. The way he puts things across is just a joy to watch and listen to. Here's one of his latest and well worth a peek. And Mike B, if you have the time, I strongly recommend his vids to you because it will give you plenty of material for your assault on the feminists who you'll face as you climb the ladder of fame!


As you say clear and to the point. Great find.

Gerry Dorrian

The term "respectable racism" has been coined to describe the left's attitude to rights - for example, they insist on women's rights, but refuse to apply these to, say, Muslim children at risk of being mutilated or African children stigmatised as witches.

bathrooms stirling

When it comes to organising the best possible conference or event there are many aspects that the organising team need to take into account. The most vital of all is deciding exactly where the event will be held.


Typical; reporting by the DM. Leads off with "poor women " healine yet the actual story is rather different as the women concerned will still be able to claim their pension earlier than men in this age cohort. A fact neve explained by the DM. Of course they will also,on average, enjoy a longer life.

But he added: ‘Many of this group of women will be thousands of pounds better off by being able to draw their pension years before a man of the same age, and they would not thank us if we made them wait years longer for their pension.’
The DWP insists women will be better off as a result of the change because they will get their state pension for between 15 months and three years longer than a man of the same age.
They will get up to £20,000 in extra state pension payments, but their weekly state pension will be lower, making them permanently poorer for the rest of their lives."

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