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Saturday, 19 November 2011


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John Kimble

I think some of the lack of interest is down to people disliking segregation. A lot of people object to International Men's Day in teh saem way they object to an International Women's Day and prefer to see everyone as people.

What I'd say to those people is that we're clearly stuck with the later, and having an International Men's Day adds a much needed bit of balance, fairness and equality to the calendar.

They may be some merit in objecting to these events, but there's no question that the worse case scenario is for everyone to simply celebrate International Women's Day and for the men's equivalent to no exist or to ignored.

In all fairness to Guardian's CIF pages, at the time of posting they've hardly published anything at all today (4 articles), 3 by males so they've almost managed to show some integrity (albeit by accident I presume).


I agree John a hopeful sign of the times seems to be that "Identity politics" Is seen more and more irrelevant to the real issues. In some respects IMD is as much about talking to men as anyone else. I took the opportunity yesterday to have a lively debate with some students. What struck me was how concerned they were to see that women are protected and how surprised at some of the issues. Possibly because they were young they had no notion about health,welfare and family court discrimination. Indeed they had a strong sense of fairness. More aware of the discrimination men may face were a couple of young women in the group. Frankly I think our job is to raise awareness. In some respects the Fawcett Soc. Help in this as the group found it pretty easy to find the holes and special pleading for money.

Glen Poole

Check out this review of IMD in the UK which includes a reference to The Rights Of Man blog


Hope you all had a good International Men's day guys.

All the best Bro's!

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