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Tuesday, 13 August 2013


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Nick Langford

I'm not sure you can remove a mother's PR. I could be wrong, but I thought a court could only remove acquired PR but not automatic PR, other than through adoption.

And the definition of DV still takes you to the Women's Aid website.


P.R is a f***** joke, it is never enforced for men , if a woman breaches it they just say it was "unworkable" if a man breaches it, he goes to prison. Besides back in 1989 the government legally removed men completely in the children's act by saying that the natural father is no longer considered the child guardian. Therefore anything a father gets is technically worthless because the law does not acknowledge you.

The best law is to stay the hell away from western women, never marry and go abroad in you must, there's plenty of good women in Asia, Africa and other places and they are Ten times more useful.


It is fantastic to see such a turnaround. However, I agree it should never have been written as it was in the first place. I am encouraged by things like this as i'm absolutely certain that some feminist or white knight out there who was responsible (correction, irresponsible) for the original wording now has egg all over their face!

I think men have lost their way over the last few decades but bit by bit they're clawing their way back. By the way, I guarantee this wording change would have been as a result of complaints so well done to those who complained. I dearly hope that our new young generation of men complain to the extent that change continues to happen, and in the right direction as it has been recently. Keep complaining guys. Get on those forums, blogs and newspaper comments sections and help raise awareness. Just make sure you do it in a logical (and nice) way otherwise it could do more damage and bring the campaign for fairness down to the level that militant feminists have done.


The culture of False allegations by females, the witch hunt against males in the media and the mass hysteria artificially about "sex crimes" and "nonces" has created the hysteria and circumstances that allowed this deceit to happen. Everyone from feminists to the sick newspapers and those who have stood idly by whiel this culture has been created have blood on their hands for creating it.


Once aware I did complain. I assume others did too. Of course the original wording was revealing of the attitudes prevalent. As I have worked in the public sector please do complain as these have an effect.


we fought to world wars to stop this kind of eugenics shit. The nazi's woudl have been proud of her.

paul parmenter

So much for the Ministry of Justice, eh? They wouldn't know justice if it slapped them in the face. Further proof that you cannot trust the government or any part of the bellowing, wheezing and lying machine that they have set up to crush us, or indeed the misandric weasels that infest that machine.

All men need to understand very clearly that the government and all its works are our enemies.

basil fawlty


What an excellent man. About time more men polished their boots ready for planting in the backsides of these horrid self entitled women.

Lets see how long it takes for the chants of sexism and victimology to come?


A bit off topic, I know, but I am fascinated by the double standards and hypocrisy that surrounds sexual objectification these days and the way in which feminists have managed to mould society into believing that only women can be objectified. I just stumble across this blog whilst looking up movies reviews.

It appears that many young girls are getting pleasure from an early age (lots of male nudity in PG and U films) whilst boys are being denied such pleasure and made to feel bad if they admire the female form.

I can remember seeing men's genitals in kids films when i was young and knowing back then that it just wasn't right. Can you imagine Disney showing female genitals in their kids films?

I don't think i'm alone in finding this pretty disgusting. It's not that i'm against showing the human body, just that the double-standard hypocrisy stinks. Why is it one rule for one and another rule for another! Why is it that lads mags are being banned from shelves because they show breasts, and yet PG films can show mens genitals and get away with it?

I think girls are being brought up to have absolutely no respect for men and that includes their most basic assets too i.e. their bodies. Whilst boys are being brought up to have respect for women. Women's bodies are censored with the upmost respect.

Not getting even the most basic aspect of male/female perceptions aligned leaves little hope that anyone will care about male suicide or workplace death rates, for example. There's just no respect whatsoever!

paul parmenter

Don't make the mistake of thinking that an item can just appear on the Ministry of Justice's website by accident, or as a result of some unsupervised, errant junior being let loose to say whatever they feel like.

That original item would have been carefully drafted by a senior person, vetted, checked, passed through several hands and required to be approved at a high level before it ever saw the light of day. That's how deep the misandry runs in that Department; nobody in that entire chain of command saw the slightest problem with it. They are probably all so used to the idea that men are always in the wrong and women are always in the right, that the possibility of any alternative never impinged on their consciousness - until somebody with a bit of clout pointed it out to them.

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