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Friday, 20 July 2012


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John Kimble

Great article, the police tend to come in for a lot of criticism at times but its good to recognise they are the honest ones here.

During the trials a high proportion of those making use of the scheme were actually men, so it's not as if people can't possibly know it is a gender neutral law.


Feminist proponents will say that when a women kills a man it is usually 'after years if abuse' and cite that the woman had 'no way out' and had to resort to murder in self defense.

However when the reverse is true feminists NEVER say the man commited the crime due to the abuse HE has suffered or that he killed because HE had no way out.

If there was any recourse whatsoever for men to take the kids and move into a refuge then perhaps women's lives would be saved and men could escape the situation before it boils over.


This is yet again a sign of the distortion of DV into an ideological pawn in gender feminism. Increasingly men are seeking help but the ideology that drives such briefings makes it an up hill struggle for men to get the help they need.


Just one more reason to stay away from Western women, the only way you will truly defeat all this nonsense is to walk away and ignore Western women or any women who follows feminist lines. Starve them out.

All Men have to do is say NO! No marriage, no children, no work on their behalf or to support them in any way. See how long they last then.

Sadly Western men have been brainwashed with white-knight indoctrine and such and are very weak and pitiful when it comes to telling women to take a jump.

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So why does the government in the same as launching a film aimed at male victims of forced marriage still refuse to recognise male victims of domestic abuse exist. They are sexist - what other logical reason could there be?SO WELL!

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richard greenway

I was trapped in a marriage where my ex wife brought men into my home had sex with them including ann ex friend and I didnt know about it until for ages. She said 'I wasn't meant to find out' but expected me to tolerate it and offered me an open marriage. I felt I couldn't leave because of my young children who I loved and I worked from home and all my finances having paid for everything for 10 years was tied up in that home. I felt desperately unhappy for 7 months after the cheating was discovered. It came to a head when I exploded one night and now I am the abuser whilst she psychologically pushed me over the edge. I didn't feel I had a way out without losing my children - that happened anyway and its taken me four years so far to try and recover. Clare's Law doesn't understand the reasons why men react to such abuse by women which is seldom acknowledged and the state doesn't see psychological abuse and financial demands by the women as a significant factor - it should be as its totally trapped me in a situation where I didn't want to leave my children with a cheating spouse and has totally destroyed my life. The cheating women (infidelity) wins out and the man loses everything.

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