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Sunday, 29 September 2013


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Here's on from the guardian, complete with dubious, unprovable statistics claiming that it's bad that women are jailed for making a false rape allegation!


Excellent idea to have this section! It will stop spammers and trolls from trying to disrupt mature discussion. There will be howls of derision from some no doubt, but I'd direct those to sites like this who have far more draconian policies for, as they call us, "anti-feminist, men's rights, and right-wing posters".

Dominic Lawson reminds us of the Marxist roots of la Harman's brand of feminism.

Mike Buchanan

This radio programme is well worth catching. Fast forward through my contribution, the rally in Toronto is the important thing. Maybe even historically important for men's rights. In my view it will be seen as such in time:

Mike Buchanan


The issue of the European Framework on (in)tolerance still needs to be highlighted. Everyone is free to use the template letter to send an email to their MEPs (takes about 5 minutes) to prevent a law that would make it illegal to be anti-feminist.

Patrick Stewart,famous star trek and X-Men actor. Is a interesting case. Long a poster boy for Domestic Violence  campaigns he researched his father's war experience. His father who had been abusive, the reason for Patric Stewarts campaigning. Like so many soldiers Mr. Stewart's father had never talked about his WW2 experiences. It turned out his father had a pretty traumatic time. Indeed it became clear that he had had a period of "shell shock" before returning to duty for another traumatic period. Mr. Stewart reevaluated his father in terms of what we would now identify as classic post traumatic mental illness. Not excusing the abuse it did show that far from being the result of a patriarchal ideology, his father's apparent domineering behaviours were clearly the result of his wartime trauma. Why mention this? Well just because Mr. Patrick's journey showed so clearly,  in one story , the stupidity of the Feminist  Patriarchy theory and the damage it causes. Finally it helped Patrick Stewart understand his mother, who knew more of her husband's traumas and had tried to her best to deal with her very damaged husband. Who had come back from war a different person. 
Sadly we are little further on now.  In a similar situation a struggling partner will just get lectured about their oppression and the abuser dragged through the criminal justice system and possibly "treatment" that amounts to little more than political lectures. 


we all knew it and it was deliberately LABOUR and its agenda...

The Watcher

Sorry, not from the UK but from Canada. Female Canadian judge decides on lenient sentence for woman who beat, burned and permanently scarred husband when she launched an unprovoked attack on him while he cooked her dinner.

Wonder if the judge would have made an excuse and dished out a lenient sentence had the perpetrator and victim of this assault been reversed?


Remember the BBC Public Consultation on News and Current Affairs too;

They only do this once every 5 years.

The consultation is open until 13th December 2013 and they must receive your response on or before this date.

Let 'em know what you think !!!!!

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