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Sunday, 29 September 2013


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Rick Bradford

You guys are probably up to speed with the CPS's Guidelines on Prosecuting Cases of Child Sexual Abuse issued today (17/10/13). It's the usual stuff. I attach some extracts and comments thereon below.
Introduction, para 2:-
The guidelines will on occasion refer to victims as 'she' or 'her'. However, we fully recognise that boys as well as girls can be victims of child sexual abuse and the principles stated below, where relevant, will apply equally to boys as well as girls. Similarly offenders are known to be female as well as male, although it is recognised that the majority of offenders are male. Comment: But that rather belies the large proportion of women who commit sexual abuse on children. (And, moreover, the concentration on just sexual abuse, which is a small proportion of all child abuse, misses the key fact that the majority of other forms of child abuse is committed by women).
Annex C (Myths & Stereotypes)
(j)It only happens to teenage girls by adult men
Sexual abuse and exploitation is not limited to teenage girls by adult men. The victims may be either boys or girls and victims are not limited to any particular age and can include very young children. The abusers can include peers the same age of the victim, and sometimes peers, even if not directly perpetrating rape or sexual assault, can be used to 'recruit' other children and young people to take them to locations where they are introduced to adult abusers. Comment: This is obviously where the statement "and woman commit sexual abuse of children too" should appear - but, of course, does not.
Another blow for equality by the CPS.

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