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Thursday, 08 December 2011


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Today and tomorrow (12 December)are the last days to email in the questionnaire.

It is anonymous (if you chose to be) and isn't a big form to fill in. A brief skim of their accompanying paper is all that's needed, to be honest you hardly even need to do that as its just a rehash of old and familiar feminist skewed misandry.

This is a BIG deal because it will be the basis for their policy until 2015.

Its interesting that thier disbandment is convineintly not an option they want people to comment on since there is no mention of it in the questionnaire. Just one of the many many propaganda and manipulative tactics they use.

A while ago when they put out their so-called "Phase One" questionnaire, they only received 23 replies from the public...and truely incredibly low number from a population of 60 million. But on the otherhand that means that every reply they get from the public carries great weight, you can relly make a difference.

Click the link in the article and download the word doc questionnaire, the email to sent the completed questionnaire to is at the bottom of the page.

It takes about 15 mins and will go a long way to getting equality. At the same time it will prevent them beating men over the head with claims that their 'research' shows the public aren't bothered about men's rights.

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