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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


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The BBC is nothing more than a left wing mouthpiece that loves to help spout the feminist propaganda, amongst other such things. I Never had a license, never will. I refuse to help pay for this dreadful institute of propaganda.


Glad to see this corrective report about trafficking.

Keep on complaining and pointing out the truth. Ian as you point out the BBC is paid for from a tax so has an added resposibility not to be sexist or irresponsible in its reporting.

I'm reminded of the Australian "One in Three" Campaign well worth a visit.

On so many issues: DV. Forced Marriage. Traffiking. Health and Housing(homelessnes) the invisibility of men is the result of such sexism by omission. The Violence against Women and Girls Strategy is a classic where all sorts of issues that actually involve male victims have been appropriated into building up a "feminist" and sexist slant in public policy.

One effect of this is that bodies seeking funding effectively have to play up their services to women to recieve government or quango funding. This both prioritses the services for women and leads to collusion in the invisibility of male victims.

The first priority is visibility. Do not under estimate the importance of FOI requests to have data divided by sex or quoting Official data on men. The Voilence Agianst Women industry relies on decision makers' ignorance of the actual facts.


Good points Groan.

Another example:

The boy was 3 years old when he was married. How is he not just as much of a victim as the girl?

The way they ignore us as men and boys is sickening.



" One effect of this is that bodies seeking funding.."

I think your question has already been answered ;-)


Wow even the Guardian had to publish that truth which would clearly make the feminist groups liars in their propaganda, that must have really put a thorn in their tampons to do that.


It's not just the BBC that are guilty. Every place you look paints the same old picture that women are always the victims and men are always the perpertrators. Violence against men is frequently conveyed as being comedy material. How many times have we seen a man get kicked in the crotch by a woman while the audience fall about in fits of laughter! And how many times do we see a man get slapped by a woman for very little reason! In fact, a woman can be seen to inflict quite serious physical abuse upon a man without suffering any consequence whatsoever, whether the consequence be socially damaging to her or perhaps even legal reprimand. On the other hand, if a man hits a woman, there is ALWAYS a consequence purposefully built into the storyline.

This disgusting attitude is everywhere, even music videos.

It's no wonder that society is screwed up when this culture is broadcast via the media to millions of easily influenced people; it's not hard to see why virtually everyone is indoctrinated with a skewed preconception that it's actually ok to hit a guy.



Kind of says it all really...

So if adults can't set a good example...!

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