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Thursday, 03 May 2012


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All I see is a well known left wing bias, feminist contaminated organisation spouting the usual facts and figures that are easily shown as B.S in superb videos like

They over simplify and constantly repeat everything in a manner that avoids scrutiny, should you start to scrutinise the shaming language starts as well as all the other usual tactics.

John Kimble

Somewhat disappointing but still far, far better than being ignored. We know the BBC is biased and anyone working in such a partisan environment is never going to be able to get their facts right.


Looking at the comments it shows how much public support men's rights have (and how many everyday stories men have where they are discriminated against). If the men's rights movement was more organised, then politicians would have no choice but to sit up an listen.


A youtube review of the article:


I went up a bridge with F4J many years ago near the start of my 12 years in the family court system, still got the photos from up there:-) Unfortunately I knew then, while doing a lot of good for a while, they was also undermining themselves with the same antics and should have stopped at Buckingham palace and turned more properly political and seriously organised with it.

I stopped supporting it because I could see infighting going on and behaviour which will be used against the MRM in time. Every time now we see an article that wants to bash MRM, F4J is often used along with shaming language effectivley. It is a shame some where more interested in lining their pockets and pratting about or playing king of the castle rather than being more organised and turning it into a proper force to be reckoned with politically.

This is and will be the problem with MRM always. Nothing is going to reach the end goal until us Blokes learn how to not play king of the castle and organise ourselves much better. That is why feminism got such a strong grip, they did.

Currently I do not see one group capable of that. Unfortunately I meet as many men who are an obstacle to the MRM as feminists are because of their brainwashed thinking.


You remember that stupid program called "when women left" or something like that, I would say a great example would be for men to organise and do the same. THEN we will see the truth.

If all women down tools tomorrow, little would happen, men would always find a way to deal with it, frankly the constant projection in media that Men would fall apart if there was not a woman to feed the kids or do some housework is laughable. Sure there are some useless buggers about who don't like it but to say a man could not do it if pushed is ridiculous.

If Men downed all tools everywhere tomorrow, I would say a week or less the country would collapse, people would be dying all over the place within an hour and chaos would reign. Think about that properly and you will see how that would happen

I think such an act is just what the MRM needs to give it a huge kick start.

Problem is unlike women, Men are more responsible people, feminists would probably let someone die for their statement, would men? That is the problem, Men are conditioned and find it hard to do such a thing and that is where they win every time.

Just imagine it.

Tomorrow all men stopped their work and functions.

Fire brigade
Armed forces
ad infinitum....

It doesn't take a genius to realise that within a single HOUR without all of these things functioning properly would result in a total disaster!

I wonder if the feminist think of that while they spout their wares comfortably kept in warmth, safety and Men!


ian, I remember the "Week the Women Went" programme, and apart from a few initial problems (inevitable when people are pushed into a completely new role) things went well. The men all managed to cope quite well (some better than others but still..) and the much-anticipated social collapse/implosion never happened. Instead the men forged new friendships, got closer to their kids, got involved in new activities and all felt a lot more in touch with the life of the village.

As for the BBC article well what do we expect. But there are some comments that show people are starting to wake up...


At least the writer tried to do some real reporting instead of just writing another article screaming "MRAs hate women" like certain American feminists have published.

Thanks for the heads up, can't wait for the later review.


Mananon, yeah it didn't exactly work in their favour did it:-) However I stand by what I reckon, if you could, even as a TV thing do the same but the other way around everything would fall apart in no time, very very badly so.

Now lets all sit back and ask ourselves...why won't or haven't the media done a "when the men left" for real?

I wonder? Why could that be? Heaven knows I don't understand why they wouldn' you?

I would SO love to do it, properly and organised, it would be the biggest leveller of the man-woman, feminist-mrm debate there has ever been.

It would be not a game changer, but a Nuclear bomb in a game of political Marbles


Yes JMH, it is "typical" of a female LABOUR politician to shout about something and only mention the rape aspect of it when , quite rightly Murder is infinitely more serious a crime.

I t does not surprise me in the least, I guess all these female politicians who go on about women issues all the time forget they also have at least half of their electorate to still represent but DO NOT!

Take note of this however Men!! This is exactly what you should be doing, every day, all of you! Whenever you see a commercial, a pamphlet, advertising, a council statement, a newspaper article and comments section, a blog, an action by a person in a job or private or public that says or does anything that undermines men or spreads feminist lies in any way..JUMP ON IT!

Use the same tactics they do, repetition, repetition, repetition.


Again rank hypocrisy, where are the arrests when it is done to boys every day? Again no comments allowed on selected stories...of course.


Boys can die because of mgm..

Botched circumsisions are a big problem in the third world. The west's silence is strangely deafening...


More of the usual media gender agenda evidence:

A horrid crime to do to children but tell me this, why is the headline all about the man, why is the man named but the woman who was also doing it in small print as an afterthought and she is not named?


Is this website what they call, "Cerebral porn for the men's rights activist" ?

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