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Monday, 07 May 2012


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Emma Hyatt, Head of Race for Life, said there is no intention to open registration to men to take part in Race for Life events this year.

But she said: “However, following feedback from supporters, we have decided to reinstate the age limit of 11 and under for boys taking part in Race for Life, which we trialled last year.”

“We recognise that men have a really important role to play in Race for Life and we have many male supporters who volunteer their time to help out on the day

Blatant misandry which makes a mockery of the law, the whole organisation should be in court over it! I notice in this papers quote the, "our supporters who will remain nameless for obvious reasons" bit has been removed !

Frankly those so called men who help out in R4L while this is going on need to wake the hell up and realise what they are supporting.


Applicable me thinks....


An apt statement, Ian, on youtube: When the going gets tough - the tough get going...

There is another:

No thought conceived is impossible to be brought to expression;
The suggester may fade away, but the doer will appear...

There are some doers emerging. The status quo is not an option...


Well said John, I feel it in the air too, as the Two Ronnies once said in a sketch about the worm that is turning back.

That being said it is not enough just going on the Net and a good few men doing their bit, men everywhere need to bang the message far and wide, at work, down the pub, in the local shop and NOT be afraid of the blind opinions of agenda brainwashed men or frowning looks of some dry ol hags.

I am so sick of seeing average Men afraid of upsetting the Status Quo and staying in their comfort zone. They should be ashamed of themselves and look at their Son's when they back down and give in easily to what we all know is totally unacceptable, destroys families, undermined men and the Father.


erm, it seems my earlier comment has been deleted? Is my point being proved?


Ian, perhaps your earlier comment being deleted is a knock-on effect of comments on Cancer Chat ?

See onwards from Swanky's comment 471...

Hopefully the link will take you to the comments...


My comment that seems to have gone astray actually had nothing to do with Race4Life John. Anyhoo....

As for that comment thread, funny how a few honest curt words upsets them far more than the Misandry and blatant sexism Race4life practises? Why are they not up in arms about that and demanding an immediate stop to it?

Those with a gripe need to learn that respect is earned and not bestowed. It is funny how so many of these obtuse women around Race4life today fail to realise that simple fact.

To talk of equality and complain about disrespect, while doing so from a platform of Misandry and sexism against Men, deserves nothing but the very finest display of contempt.


Ian, have just made my final comments on Cancer Chat to Swanky...

Have you a chrystal ball ?



First off John and for the record as it were, my comments are my own opinions and do not represent any group. They are not intended to offend, they are simply my cynical style. Of course s anyone who is a follower of the MRM, people like Swanky will always find offence in a word with only one letter in it as a means to steer around the base issue.

When one looks at Swanky's comments they can quickly spot the tired old tactics of emotive blackmail, victimology and shaming language. It is about time people like that realised such nonsense has come to an end and many men will no longer put up with it.

Also since when is saying a woman runner is "fit as a butchers dog" an insult? I wish someone would say that about me, i'm a fat blubbery wheezing old fart :-)..

...but at least my merits are earned and nobody has to discriminate for me to take part in anything to feel "special" about myself and seek the validation of others ;-)


Enjoy your day, Ian - despite your own description of self & thanks again for signing that petition...


No problem mate. I'm off for a jog, I might need a head start though ;-)

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