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Monday, 08 October 2012


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I could add the recent interview with one of TV's. Piers Morgan and the studio laughed even as the perpetrator said "it's not right".


Oops. It was Denise Welch. She specifically said her husband had never been violent. Then listed the various attacks she'd made. She at least looked a bit ashamed but clearly most of the audience and Piers saw it as a big joke.


What would they say if the man had turned around and given her one almighty punch in the would be his RIGHT, it's called self defence. Women have been murdering and walking free for years on the same basis.

Only White knights allow this too happen. The MRM needs to finally fully recognise that the White knight is the biggest enemy of the entire Men's rights movement. Without these chivalry brainwashed grovelling little man-lackies, the feminist would have no way to enforce their agenda, remember that.


Talking of double standards...

So how is it all those women on TV and other places who constantly make jokes far worse at Men are not forced to resign?


Now lilly allen shows more of her misandry and double standards, or shoudl I say low standards.


Positive discrimination slowly reaping what it sews?

So how is it when a top FEMALE judge is arrested, the allegations are kept under wraps?


Woman police worker given more money than some men get for broken backs...because her feelings got hurt, when they took away her tax payer paid for dog. This was because she made herself unable to full-fill her duties upon coming pregnant for a second time.


Men's dream coming a reality?

A Jizz immobiliser pill?

Give men the power of control over the reproductive right? Heaven forbid! You can imagine it now can't you, now they will be screaming "Emotional domestic violence" because he was taking the pill and she WANT WANT WANT WANT Wants a baby NOW! Well they will have to find another tool of blackmail if we get it, I guess that will be it?


A very read-worthy story over on AVFM about one MRA and his treatment by the system that does not want men "waking up".

I myself have been through this more than once in my 13 years fighting the filth of feminism and the white-knight mentality of brainwashed men, mostly in the Police, courts, law and general society. All should read it, it shows why sitting in sheds or down the pub moaning is not an option and white-knightism in Men is the Number One enemy to be destroyed first. Take their tools and weapons away, then you expose the core.


Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't they peddle this dishonest propaganda during the superbowl and that was proved to be a lie too


"Man up" indoctrine groomed into toddlers?


It's called where's the accountability for women, and some times it actually happens. Mother gets 99 year in prison, no not in UK of course and i suspect there will be some vagina'victim'poor thing too harsh for a woman crap that will get her out in several years.


You may also enjoy the list of excuses, seen behind the prosecutor, at the top of it is ISRAEL? I do like the nice touch above her head, something that would probably apply to the majority of women in the family courts of the UK


I have said from day one this stinks.Lets watch VERY closley, if my instincts are right, this could be one of the biggest events in the sphere of the abuse industry in showing many things about it that need to be shown.


It's even worse than you report. According to Cheryl, Ashley's mistress was quoted on the internet stating "The girl said Ashley had been so drunk he couldn’t walk straight — that he was incoherent and that he was vomiting during the sex."

This indicates that this was not just an affair, but that the woman sexually assaulted him. in many jurisdictions, being incapacitated by drugs or alcohol means that he could not have consented to sex. So not only was he sexually assaulted, but he was beaten by his wife for being sexually assaulted.

John Kimble

Superb analysis TDOM, thanks for the input, I didn't realise I had downplayed the severity of what occurred.


She can confess openly to an actual assault on a victim of abuse and its a big joke, meanwhile about four blokes have been thrown in jail and even hounded out of their homes by a mob for posting insults on Twitter. Says it all really.

Actually I believe in the UK that having sex with someone who is incoherent is classed as rape. Though there is no male rape law so therefore there has been no crime committed by her.


So Bob, what is anyone in the MRM doing about it? Maybe a group official complaint to the police on behalf of an MRM site is in order? Unless people do something, talking about it is pointless.


Why are charity's like Mankind not making a noise about it publicly? Women's charities would screaming by now? Mankind should be going to the press and TV etc, it's high profile.

famous feminists

This is terrible,this is totally wrong...Domestic violence convictions are rising, but we all need to do what we can to protect women from abuse,I would like to appreciate the great work done by You..
Please continue posting like this.

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