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Tuesday, 01 January 2013


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Mike Buchanan

Good to see such a piece on the BBC, and hats off to Prostate Cancer UK. Saw the excellent C4 ad half an hour ago, featuring Bill Bailey, a highly talented and original comedian who, sadly, once made a complete arse of himself:

He's not alone, more people here:

The most shameful of them, to my mind, is a Conservative politician who's a champion of the 30% club:

A Conservative politician supporting a deeply misandrous feminist campaigning group... what dysfunctional times we live in.

Mike Buchanan


Isn't it amazing how pathetic some British men can be. Looking at those in the t-shirts above is sickening. These are the kind of men with the kind of thinking that need to be dealt with harshly by the movement.

These are the worst kind of men there is. These are the type who sell out their fellow men. Once he has worn that t-shirt he has proven himself to be a prat of a man not worth listening too. Obviously a bandwagon jumping lefty.

Genuinely sickening to see that.


It should respectfully be noted Prostate Cancer UK has not "exposed" anything in reality.

This funding outrage has been very common knowledge to the Media, feminists and men's rights and of course the Cancer research charity who has been coining it in while practising atrocious anti-male discrimination for ages.

They have helped to get it into one paper which is fantastic of course and a good start, but one must compare that to just how outrageous it is this has been so well known for so long and nobody has done a damn thing about it. Our cowardly male and female M.P's, the bias media not anyone, except us in the MRM.


First off Happy new year to all TROM readers and contributors. And a hearty thanks to TROM and Skimmington.

Great to see the confidence of the campaign advert.

Mike your evidence really shows the difficulty of applying "left" or "Right" to the cause of equality for males. Through different motivations many on both left and right join in supporting misandry and discriminatory policy. White Knightery,post communists marxists,female chauvinism and simple self interest combine to make feminism probably the last "progressive" ideology to have widespread traction and be regarded as orthodoxy in our major institutions. Mike I thought it exactly right when you observed the dangers of being led down specific paths in your submission on Boardrooms. The facts and policy responses need to be clear and simple. Young people in particular expect to experience equity and support it. What the elite is careful to keep quiet is the simple facts of the case for britain today.(hence the pushing of very old data and discussion of issues in islamic countries etc). Ally Fogg's piece is interesting as he is of the "left" yet he draws on his own experience with his son to question equity in education. Like him I think many young people can point to "double standards" and have experiences of inequity (and so do their parents). The challenge for your party, as I see it. Is to get people to move from what they may regard unfairness to just them or their family or contacts to understanding it is widespread and not "inevitable". As "call me Dave" has recognised the core political theme currently is "fairness". So far feminists have taken the ground that for women it is always "unfair". Of course the truth is different but as yet this truth is not current in political and media debate. Finally I think a focus on the facts of unfairness for young men and boys and older men(such as prostate cancer) plays much better. As I think we are years away for any widespread social acceptance that middle aged men are in need of any consideration at all.
Which doesn't mean of course that people like myself shouldn't continue with our work but we do have to be patient with a Party which needs to grab attention and support.


Good example in the Daily mail today, if you don;t like or get the jokes, just blame men and call it "Misogyny" ?

The media really are a toxic bunch.


I forgot to mention above, if you watch the allegedly more right wing DM comments and green arrows/red arrows compared to say, the Leftist guardian, you can see how Daily mail is full of knuckle draggers. These knuckle draggers are of course best suited to being useful idiots or "white-knights".

These are some of those that need ot be educated.


So how the f ... is this legal and why is nobody taking action about it?


Welcome to Britain the lefty land of cowards and traitors of its own young men


I suspect that Willets knows he will have little success with this policy. However he has in effect pointed at the nonsense of having positive action for women in education when they aren't by any means a minority. In the past Willets got lambasted by the Fawcett soc. Etc for suggesting feminist policies had had a role in reducing social mobility and made politics ignore young men from poor backgrounds. So Fawcett Soc. If quotas as ok for boardrooms why not for young men and higher education?
Good for willets I say. I hope he has the courage to keep on this.


It's why we do need a party for Men, a minister for men and equal funding for men in everything.

Let everything be equl, from sentencing and punishment to wages and conditions, then see where the chips fall.


Wimminz brainz...

Why are so many "wimmin" having Labiaplasty, is it because of their own weak mental abilities and vanity? Nope, you know what it is don't you?'s all men's fault!

Well it is the fault of young men who watch porn apparently!?

Do you see me going out and getting myself carved up ever time I see an advert with some male hunk in it wearing boxer shorts with a big packet or a porn film with a guy hung like a donkey? No, because unlike these women I am not mentally damaged and need to do it to my vanity dwelling self then blame it on someone else after. I just ignore it!

Mike Buchanan

I confess I wouldn't personally support the idea of a 'Minister for Men'. The result would just be a male gravy train - thousands of civils servants - contesting the female gravy train. Much better to drop the 'Minister for Women' etc tags, government social engineering programes, and create a level playing field.

Maybe we should challenge the charitable status of the Fawcett Society, while we're at it. Does anyone have some time on his/her hands to explore this? If so, please contact me at Our new party may have this in its manifesto - the development of which is proceeding nicely - but we'll have bigger fish to fry in the first year or two.

Mike Buchanan


The guy who wrote that is a classic mangina (a word I've only just recently learnt but like all the same). I bet all the girls in his office just love him to bits and I bet he gets all the attention that makes him feel absolutely fantastic!

But, in my opinion, he's a shallow-minded, thoughtless idiot who does nothing more than perpetuate the myth that pornography only affect women in a negative way whilst being great for the male. This is rubbish. You could quite easily swap the genders in that article and it would still be every bit as relevant. I'm totally sick of the media (and people like this moron) spouting their one-sided nonsense about pornography and how the girls are always the victims here. How about we spare a thought for the boys who are growing up amongst all these beefed up male body images and porn stars with out of proportion body parts. What about the psychological damage this does to boys, eh! Anyone care to stand up for them for once?? This is yet another area where feminists have manipulated society to believe that the pornographic industry is only damaging and degrading to women. What complete and utter tosh! How on Earth could a young teenage girl be more degraded or damaged than a young teenage boy? Surely they'd both be damaged to a very similar extent by such material. She might feel inadequate, and so might he. She might be offended, and so might he. I understand people's concern about porn, I really do. But I really don't understand the way the male is, yet again, ignored or shown as the predatory perpetrator while she plays the victim.

And while I'm on my high-horse, they try to get lads mags banned (I see they're now usually moved to the top shelf - Nuts, Zoo etc.) because, apparently they have half-naked females in there - all over 18, I might add. They tried to ban these mags because they sexualise and objectify women - and, I guess, stop the young lads from comparing their girlfriends against these adult models (because nobody wants these lads to get any fun from looking at the female form!).

However, I don't see anyone complaining or trying to ban the plethora of girls magazines, many of which are aimed at teenage girls and show no end of half-naked males inside, plenty of whom are actually under 18!! And as for women's mags like Cosmo etc. (on bottom shelf) well, they actually show male genitals. Anyone hear a feminist complain about that?

You see, the real problem here, I'm afraid to say, is that, like Brian, most men ignore these types of things and simply let them go without thinking too deeply. With there being so many men out there who don't stand up for their own dignity regarding such matters of this ilk, it's hard to garner the respect required to tackle more complex issues. Men are an easy ride and it's easy to take advantage of them.

Me, personally, I'd love to see men start complaining about the shear amount of male nudity on TV and in the media in general (just like the feminists did several decades ago) followed by a stringent set of guidelines set by ofcom which dictate that you can't objectify men, besmirch them or make them look like inadequate, useless fools in adverts, allow them to participate in sexist programmes like "take me out" on ITV, etc. etc.

And then at that point, maybe feminists, politicians, lawyers, leaders of our media etc. will realise that men can't be walked all over or treated like animals!

Rant over :-)


Forgot to mention the huge amount of violence on TV that men seem to endure as well...sigh.

Mike Buchanan

Dave, I understand that the term 'mangina' goes back some years, but I first encountered it in Dick Masterson's book 'Men Are Better Than Women'. It's a work of genius, both insightful AND laugh-out-loud funny at times. If you google his name you should get to video footage of him in a studio, sending feminists ballistic. Priceless.

Mike Buchanan

Mike Buchanan

Dave, I had a few moments free so I tracked down the video I just mentioned. It's a short piece from 'Dr Phil'. Just click on the video arrow:


Thanks Mike, just watched it and he certainly doesn't mince his words :-) must check out his website - looks an intersting read!

By the way, how did your Londontrip go with the female reporter?

Mike Buchanan

Thanks Dave. The journalist said she had 45 minutes for the interview, but in the end gave me over two hours. Explored a lot of interesting areas, to do with feminism and otherwise. I guess a 'human interest' angle is always important with papers these days, but I find it a frustrating distrsaction. Ho hum. But I rate the journalist highly, so fingers crossed.

Pleased to be attacked by the 'New Statesman' in the latest edition, out today. Our first exposure in a major left-wing publication:

An interesting piece about Diane Abbott's views on the disastrous impact of feminism on the family, in today's 'Daily Mail':

I think we can reasonably say the backlash against femimism is underway when leftie female politicians openly criticise the impacts of feminism.

Mike Buchanan


I was so surprised I read the original report . I think the Telegraph and DM are a bit too hopeful in thinking she really criticised feminism.


Great conversation.I totally agree with you all.


It really is true that we Europeans are free riding off the US. No, not the research, not the universities, the NIH etc. It really is that you USians pay more for drugs than we do.

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