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Monday, 15 July 2013


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May I suggest a change of strategy?

It's clear that society isn't concerned about discrimination against men. This is something that needs to be changed but, at least initially, instead of concentrating on "the bias in the system that prevents fathers from seeing their children", raise the issue of "the bias in the system that prevents children from seeing their fathers."

That approach might get more support.


The thing is, Jenny, that your strategy is a credible way for Fathers to get a favourable outcome, yes.

But the firmly entrenched, underlying notion that the feelings of men are of no concern would remain as a consequence, thus affecting other men's rights issues.

The only sure-fire way of eradicating the problems that men face is by tackling the root cause head on. Quite simply, men need to stand up for themselves and make it known that they've had enough of being treated like second-class citizens. They need to do this on a personal level within their circle of social influence as well as a more far-reaching tactic e.g. using their voting tactics and/or complaining and thus raising awareness in the public arena (especially the media) such that the level of acceptance threshold value is better balanced between men and women.

At the moment it's considered acceptable to demonise men or consider them expendable. It's ok to ridicule men and boys in all walks of life and it's considered funny to see them kicked between the legs for the sake of humour. Why can they get away with these double-standards? Because we make it acceptable by allowing it to happen - we (mainly men) don't make any noise about it!

it's good to know, however, that men and boys are using the power of the internet as a platform to collaborate and get the message across. The comments sections of newspapers are full to the brim with angry men who would otherwise have nowhere else to vent their frustration.

And it's great to see blogs like this springing up and people like Mike Buchanan doing wonderful things for the cause. I honestly don't know how feminism has lasted this long because from what I can see they have no argument left and all I see is shaming tactics and privilege-based cries for support!

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