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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


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Watching the so called 'discussion' on Newsnight was a joke. It was nothing more than a feminist soapbox.

About 30 minutes in.

Gerry Dorrian

If the politicos are serious about no men-only clubs they need to act to end segregation at mosques and the events they ssponsor.

Iain Sinclair

I cannot see that what a legally formed private club chooses to do should be the concern of politicians.
What does annoy me in the pandering to feminist ideology is the amount of public money funding sexist activities. You mention local gym and swimming pools that have women only sessions, with little or no corresponding male only sessions. What is also overlooked is that there are also women only library sessions and women only I.T. sessions.
The knock on from this sexism is that such women only sessions now demand women only staff. Men are denied employment, in these fields, purely because they are unable to staff such public amenities during women only sessions.
Of course, such abuse of public funds is not going to change whilst the make up of commissioners in the EHRC is overwhelmingly female and overwhelmingly biased in their belief that women are poor down-trodden victims.

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