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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


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Your final para is so on the ball. Public policy is driven by such polls from the metropolitan elite and the emotional appeal of bad stories in the press. Karen Woodall's forensic disection of the misandry driving the closed "Westminster Village" illustrated the well embedded nature of the still acceptable"ism". Of course women are not impressed by the work of any goverment even vaguely attempting to control public spending. For the simple reason that women's "equality" is so dependent on the state( and of course the taxpayer). Mumsnet is no different "taxpayers money please" is the basic message. I just wonder who the majority of tax pagers are? oh. Of course they're men.


I assure you that there will be plenty of female-friendly policies drawn up this side of the election. And if men in the UK are smart, they'll react and let their vote do the talking. After that, the media will get hold of the outcome analysis and the main parties will adjust their stance. Too little too late, i know, but a positive set-up for the next election all the same.


Karen's description of the sinking of gov policy to reduce just a bit the bias of the family courts etc. Very much worth a read.

Mike Buchanan

Groan, we made a FoI request to HMRC and discovered men pay 72% of income tax paid in the UK, £64 Billion more than women. Yet the state assaults men (and boys) through its actions and inactions, never women (and girls).

Mike Buchanan


It is important for every man to write to his MP letting them know that they will be watched for their interest and involvement in men's issues AND that how well they do will determine whether they are voted for at the next election.

It's easy to send an e-mail to your MP and so much more effective than a poll.

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