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Tuesday, 04 May 2010


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It is amazing just how BLIND and stupid these politicians are. Every western country is whining about the great cost of the Aged. They continually shout about how we (men, that is) have to work years longer because more people (women, that is) are living years longer and longer and hanging about in aged-care homes until they turn to 110 year old dust. It will cost a fortune to pay for all the health care, they say.

Yet who gets penalised? Men, of course. AND THEY DENY IT !

J Smith

Those now due for retirement...the 'baby boomers' have stripped every asset in their lifetimes due to vote for and paying low taxes. Should now the benifits they enjoyed be clawed university, cheap water/power. £1 out of every £5 of council tax goes on pensions.
When I hear 'we paid our taxes', for 30 years nothing has been done to prepare for an aging population. Do they now expect the young to pay for them? When thier selfish lifestyles have left nothing but a dog eat dog world.
Shame on all of you.


Well done TROM. Pensions are indeed an area of continued discrimination. The Conservatives need to be pushed on this. Not only is it so clealy unfair but it reveals the casual expectations that men shoulder society's burdens. It may not even be wrong that men do this but it is quite wrong that it is just assumed as "protected" groups get the benefit and still demand more. As you say feminists should be lining up to denounce this obvious sexism.


A cunsultation from the dept is out. Come on men make it clear that this in equity is not going un noticed.

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