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Monday, 20 June 2011


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I agree some sort of better organisation of men's interests needs to be implemented.
Users' comments on news sites for Cameron's 'feckless fathers' rant and today's pensions debate show that the majority of the public do support genuine equality. It really is just a minority of Feminazi inspired politicians and interest groups that actually have their voices heard in parliament.

John Kimble

Worth reading the EDM seeing exactly which MPs are opposed to pension's equality. Typically you won't see politicians who have high profile roles signing EDMs but it's still useful to see who supports inequality (or perhaps who lacks a backbone andhas been bullied into signing it). Anyway here's the list of the guilty:

Obviously it's mostly Labour MPs supporting inequality but it's very disappointing to see so many Lib Dems on there, not to mention a high percentage of the MPs from the minor parties (yes the Green's and SNP are always sexist, but Plaid aren't always).

Anyway thanks for posting some good news.


If they go ahead with the scrapping of women's prisons then I will either leave the country or become extremely political. That would be the straw that broke this donkey's back.

Personally, as I have said before, I think we should have been banner-waving a long time ago. Apathy is men's biggest enemy here. Well, anyway, if something comes of it you can count me in.


John Kimble, just checked out the EDM list... staggering Labour bias; only 2 Tory names and even the Lib-dems massively overwhelmed by Labour names. I never realised the threshold towards this kind of idiocy was so easily defined by party lines. I expected a bias, but not THIS much. Or is their a bigger element of some folks towing the coalition line here?

John Kimble

Jon you need to bear in mind that Labour have quite a lot more MPs than the Lib Dems (and certainly a great deal more MPs than the minor parties.).

Therefore any "staggering" bias isn't actually that bad on this occasion and I've seen far, far greater division in terms of misandry being restricted to Labour.

In particular the issue of protecting vicitms of false rape accusations comes to mind, if you want to see just how much Labour hates men this is a fairly poor example. For genuine division along party lines and to see Labour's contempt for men see the names/parties on this Early Day Motion:


JK, Wow. Just, wow. That one's a keeper. Thanks.

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