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Thursday, 19 May 2011


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John Kimble

I suppose when you consider the average age of most Saga and Age UK members then it's obvious that the organsations are going to be female dominated because so many men that age are already dead or dying (no doubt some due to workplace conditions).

That said any such inbalances in membership aren't excuses for sexism and it really is disappointing to have to add yet anotehr two high profile organisations to our list of man haters/idiots.


I suggest that the above analysis are very true. I do support that view

Account Deleted

I really think you are still sexist, discriminating against men.

Can you please make an analysis of life expectancy,of life-expectancy-while-healthy, and of years in retirement?

Aren't women still enjoying a few years more of retirement benefits? Are they paying higher contributions for that?

I think men should retire a few years younger:

a) affirmative action to right past wrongs

b) make sure everyone has the same number of years in retirement.

c) this would even help to even out the fact that women work LESS years due to child care.

This is typical: feminist laws are SOOO UNJUST that men's rights proponents never dare to even demand EQUALITY, much less unfair or fair ADVANTAGES like feminists did, still do, and actually put into law.

Account Deleted

I would love you to publish this in
what your posting here, but with the additional analysis I was suggesting above.


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