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Saturday, 03 December 2011


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I quit my union years ago because I got sick of their obsession with women. And that's the truth of it - the unions care only about women nowadays.

As for women earning more than men well we'll see what happens if that becomes true. But I somehow doubt Harriet Cooper or Yvette Harman will be too bothered.

And welcome back after that hiatus Skimmington! I was starting to think this was the end of the blog - you had me worried for a bit there.


The gender pay gap between men and women working part-time is far far greater than 3.6% because the vast majority of women who work part-time do it soley to claim Child Tax Credits, which are by law always paid to the woman.

The pay gap is probably more likely to be at least 100% and probably much more.

Child Tax Credits are the replacement for the role of breadwinner in the family, usually the father.

Of course that was the whole idea when the last Labour govt brought them in.

Glen Poole

It's a year old now but it's still a fine post from The Men's Network:

Well done for highlighting this



An excellent examination of this issue. The failures of the education and training services in attracting and motivating boys should form a core issue . It demonstrates that there isn't discrimination against women, confirms differences later in the lifecycle are driven by women 's choices(as few men choose to "work life balance") and that the jobs women get are still with rising wages. I do wonder if the figures may slow as this data is really prior to the falls in public sector employment. In Northern Ireland this pay gap pattern was seen years ago because the public sector is a large part of that economy. National pay scales and the largely female public sector means that for some years in the former industrial regions of the UK young women have pulled ahead of young men mainly seeking work on the less unionised private sector.



Another speech in which Lynne lies. As it is now clear that Girl's better performance in education is a factor in their higher earnings.The Gender pay gap being so clear for the age cohorts recently leaving education. The rest of course seems to be oblivious to the obvious contradiction in advocating "family friendly" flexible work at a time when economic necessity will drive leaps upward in productivity in Uk industry. Sadly these dramatic increases will mean more hours worked rather than less in all productive parts of the economy. As positive snippit it at least equal rights to request such leave.


And another story. Despite the headline is just reinforces that the "pay gaps" are really a function of fairly mundain economic factors rather than any sex discrimination.

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