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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


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Well the pay gap data yet again demontrates the reverse of any view that men are somehow priviledged.
The "sacred cows" of gender feminism really do need constant challenge. The untruths planted in our culture will take some weeding.
I notice Rosamund Irwin uses the success of a few "men at the top" as an arguement that all men are somehow the same. Todays evidence points to the reality for the vast majority of men. If this book proves a 2wake up" call to us ,very good.


Err, I'm not sure about the cover though. I don't think I'll be reading that on the bus to work that's for sure.

Apart from that it sounds great. So good to see a thorough rebuttal of feminism.

John Wallace

I agree with Mananon. First time I saw it, I thought - bad choice of cover. Not that the media is interested, but if anyone was going to discuss it on TV, they would have to hide the cover, which means the impact of the book in general is lost. I can't imagine Sian Williams showing the book on BBC Breakfast! Shame.


Well I have to say that although I welcome the book with open arms, I really despise the choice of cover. I have to say that I get totally fed up with the way men are perceived sexually these days. It seems that there is a double standard when it comes to objectification and general sexualisation etc. Look at the shear amount of male genitals that are shown on TV compared to women's. And look at the massive amount of stripped to the waste men there are at all times of day in adverts, films and dramas etc. (and also increasingly in womens/girls mags) all for the pleasure of women and gay men, it seems. This coupled with the plethora of scenes where men get kicked in the groin for the purpose of getting a laugh or where women are seen to get away with teaching a guy a lesson by hitting him where it hurts. Basically, that cover shows a near full-frontal of a guy whilst at the same time a woman turns her back on him after having taken her supposedly rightful opportunity to squeeze him where it hurts!!! Can you imaging for one moment a cover of a similar ilk where the guy has his hand firmly up her crotch!?! BAD choice of cover and wouldn't buy the book based on that reason alone. Sorry.


I agree the cover is a bit too "sensational". The content is very serious. I was struck that while reading it the same day there were good examples of exactly the "category creep" and linking of unrelated issues in the statements and letters by Yvette Cooper and others intent on using the charmed status "women's issues" have in our politaical culture.

In the one peice there are examples of all that O'Pie disects.

Now it seems event street lights are a feminist issue.

The usual use of dubious data from the third world is used to justify ist world women being seen as victims.

Strident calls for changes in law from people who know very well their beloved Human Rights act will prevent any such law being enacted.

And "jobs for the girls" as Vera Baird sets up yet another "commission" to research women's issues.

All evidence of O'Pie's central thesis that there is a Feminist "Industry" that has to generate examples of discrimination to justify its continuance. The Vera Baird story seems an obvious example of that.


"BAD choice of cover and wouldn't buy the book based on that reason alone."
Seriously you wouldn't buy a book because of its cover - you shouldn't judge a book by its cover just as you shouldn't judge someone by their colour. If you are that shallow and narrow minded you probably aren't the sort of person the author wants reading it anyway.


This is a great article, and a great topic to explore. Thanks for sharing.

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