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Wednesday, 23 May 2012


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All I see here, is a grovelling man, as if a White Knight on his knees before his betters.

Mark my words you will get nowhere this way.

What has this blog done to back you John? Where are all the MRA backing you in your letter, did anyone organise some support for you/with you before this letter was dispatched?

I won't support it because I think your way, is the wrong way. Not that I don't appreciate your efforts as a fellow man, it is just that efforts unguided and misdirected, without concentration, purpose and the focus of many...may as well be no effort at all.

John Kimble

John Taylor's activism works. He has a track record of major victories and he never takes no for an answer.

It's good to see him going after Tesco. CRUK obviously dislike men so a change of tactics was needed.

If we all wrote half as many letters and emails as John Taylor then we would have won by now.


Thanks Skimmington and John K...

Pleased to see you are still around Ian. Never forget, one is never too old to learn. Just happened to be ten (10) years yesterday since I had my first letter published re this

If you search York Press site (top right corner) for John Taylor Race for Life you should be a lot more enlightened...

Best wishes...


Major victories what ones would that be John k? I have not seen any "Major" victories in decades, lots of little ones maybe and while any effort is better than no effort of course, they are little enough that they never change the whole in the end, just get replaced by other misdeeds instead. Why do you think things have got worse for men, not better?

That is also why more are turning to the more pro-active methods or MRM and it is those sites/groups I see that have the biggest following (complete lack of comments and heated debate on here shows us that much) the other ways are the ones who are getting the hackles up where they need to be, because they do it that way.

This letter would carry far more weight if there was a mechanism through which MRA could lobby and express in a united way, however with some men worrying about the occasional bad word or "offending" some lousy feminist that won't happen.


Ian, I try to be modest - have a look at this one


I have seen it before John, yeah nice and well done of course but in 30 years this is your "Major" event?...30 years! Don't get me wrong, what you do is great and more power to you, it is not about putting down what you have achieved it is about putting it into perspective of time Vs effort Vs outcome and bigger picture.

In thirty years that one good thing has been achieved but a thousand far more severe things have been done against Men in the same time, simply because MRM has been stuck in the realms of leaving up to individuals like you or me and a handful of others sending letters etc, 99.9% they get nowhere but lip service or going around in circles being placated etc.

I think the MRM desperately needs a mechanism to focus it or forever be static not really achieving all the big things that are needed. Before anyone comes out with a usual remark of "why don't you do it then", I would say no because I am smart enough to know I am not the right person for that job and my methods and ways would be too much in some areas. Leadership is about delegation, someone like me would be like bringing a demolition dozer to a conker fight. Make no mistake though, the MRM badly needs demolition dozers and not conkers right now to start the Berlin wall effect off.

I simply think John that your/our way is no longer enough as that which you oppose has got far stronger in that time, far more devious and spiteful so one must up the game harder, at least to kick it off with, once the hard line approach has achieved the "Berlin wall" effect for the MRM, then will be the time for that style again individually as the biggest lump will have been defeated.

This means mechanisms of force and numbers for lobby power because that is the only way you will ever get those useless men hating politicians to effect real change, to change big laws and introduce new ones is if you have them by their "vote genitals"

If the MRM could use pro-active force and find itself a focused lobbying power, it could achieve far greater things. Sitting around worrying about a harsh word here and there and just repeating the headlines of others is only muddying the water and detracting efforts. If "offending someone" worries people then you may as well sit back and give up.

Good luck with it anyway John, not knocking your efforts, just the style being a bit out of touch with what's needed (not your fault) and the fact I believe more could be achieved in other ways.

Question we all need to be debating who or what can be that mechanism and how do we get it going?


On another note and a nice example of things I say. You see, give them an get what you deserve. Anyone wonder why these clearly intelligent men do not want toxic women like that in their midst?


Ian, with the greatest respect, you have not got a clue, re me...

Never forget, no thought conceived is impossible to be brought to expression;
The suggester may fade away - but the doer will appear...

Start leading from the front and be a "really powerfull doer"... Create your own site...Enjoy your day...


Haven't I. OK enlighten us then?

John Kimble

Ian it is a major event, look at the figures Winter fuel payments are about £200. Assuming there are 2 million men previously denied the payment then that's £400 million per year.

Therefore, in today's money the total funds John has forced the government pay to men since his victory is approximately £5 billion.

Also, payments to single men would be more so a higher proportion of that money goes to the most vulnerable men.


John K, like I clearly said, good for him on that 1 in 30 years, I am not knocking that fact as I have stated already.

Meanwhile 1000 other "major" events have gone against men wrongly at the same time proving as I have been saying all along this way is not working. So rather than answer questions, silly quotes and playing king of the castle by saying go make your own site is the answer from him?

like I said before, the need for a different strategy is clearly in order. It is that simple.


P.S just to make clear,, when I say "not working", I mean not working "enough" compared to the hundreds of new bad laws that undermine men in many ways and some far worse than this one did.


Top of the day, Ian, also to one and all reading this...

As stated above, Ian, I am trying to be modest. I then stated: You hardly know nothing about me and you responded by saying:Haven't I. OK enlighten us then...

Have a lookie at this one:

I did all that without knowing anything, then, about this site - also against the lack of which you state is needed to improve on the present...

When I started all my many battles I was computer illiterate...

Now, what have you achieved?


John, perhaps it might occur to you when "Mr Modest" is done impressing himself for, "all reading this", you may realise that what I have been saying is clearly about the overall MRM, not just this site or just about "You" or the ego of either.

As for the other, you won't find much of what I have done in local papers and such because I don't go courting that sort of attention; anyway I used to sell my work to them in the past also. Maybe there is some remnants of things I have done for MRM/FRM and other things in papers somewhere but you can go searching for them as I have better things to do and my ego don't need it. Small example being:
Paddington rail crash, my work helped the victim’s cases and the safety of the rail network nationwide being improved afterwards by use of surveillance on the companies involved. I don't add up what that is worth in Millions for self gratis, I don't care, the job got done.

Case precedent, use of covert surveillance of phone calls and meetings being accepted into court evidence, despite some unpleasant Acts brought in by vile labour making people beleive they cannot. so others can now quote the cases and any Judge would be very hard pushed to not accept the evidence or face grounds for appeal. It all helps us to see more and more cases like this example come about:

Oh and the scaling suspension bridges thing for the FRM but I aint doing that again my joints aren't up to it these days and it gets a bit hair raising up there along with the arrests of course:-)
There are a number of other articles I have been involved in over the years or responsible for that you won't know about, as I stay away from that sort of thing. Most of what I do is behind the scenes and mundane to be honest, but far more widespread effecting and helping more than just OAP's. In fact women (mothers) as well as men in many cases too, especially the court bit. Lots of little things over and over that add up, you know.

I imagine I have also probably helped saved a few from committing suicide or even killing others, when they are at their wits end over family court issues by talking to them and assisting them for days on end. That can sure take it out of you and put you in a dark place while absorbing it from them and that is even while fighting my own very stressful battles at the same time. I don't however sit around festering on one or two “things I have achieved" because I see how many others need doing and it is an ever changing scene. I do them, drop them and move on to the next thing. As I keep repeating, the need for a focus and a mechanism for MRM is a desperate one and until we have one, all these things that you and I do John, no matter how good they may be in their own right, are made lesser in a way, by what is being done to against us at the same time. You see it as One step forward, I don't because I see the bigger picture, it is in fact 5 steps back because many fail to notice in that time, dozens of other things have occurred more serious and more to the detriment of men while that one thing was being achieved. it is not meant as a put down to you, it is meant as a way to make people realise now is the time not for the individual but for the individual to become part of a whole and then become 5 steps in front. To do that requires what I am talking about.

Even the little thing recently about getting my local council to remove the 1-4 myth from their web sites after tasking them over it and calling for them to prove it or remove it. Sadly even though I tried to encourage others on this site even, to pick up on this and use it themselves in their local area, nobody else bothered it seems and they could have used that small victory as a template to quote in helping them achieve it in their area. If they had we may now have shortly had all of that 1-in 4 myth nonsense removed everywhere, it then becomes much greater when you realise that and the knock on effect will soon be felt.

This is why the focus and mechanism for MRM is so badly needed. Until that is achieved we will not win the overall battle and this “one thing at a time” will go on for years to come while they continue to do Ten things against you for that one.

Those the MRM oppose do understand what I am saying and have been using that strategy for years. Why do you think they have got away with so much and got so far, they had such a mechanism.

Like I already said, I am not knocking your efforts John but while you seem preoccupied with self, you fail to see what I am getting at and talk about it. Maybe you can finally get over yourself now and see this and maybe debate that, or should I go get my Daddy now, see if he is bigger?

P.S just out of curiosity are there any actual documented figures for that thing you did, the other John seems to hyperbole the numbers out of all reality with 400 million a year, the article you just posted said 80 million a year another I just saw states 20 million a year? What is the real figure?


Hi Ian, have noted everything you have stated.My commendations for your achievments.

If you believe, passionately, in what you state, I wish you well with all your aspirations...

Never forget that which I have stated before:

No thought conceived is impossible to be brought to expression;

The suggester may fade away - but the doer will appear...

My very best wishes in finding loads of doers... Here endeth my comments re this...


All maxims have their antagonist maxims; proverbs should be sold in pairs, a single one being but a half truth. ~William Mathews



Any position that supports such discrimination as Race for Life should be condemned. Race for Life don't even like to state in their advert (especially TV) than men are banned. Why don't we have Race for Whites? Would Race for Life supporters be infavour of that? Perhaps for melanoma research?

Men get breast cancer too as men also have breast tissue. I believe around 80 men die a year from this, but even they can't participate. Even such events as Orangefest in Northern Ireland don't ban any attendees whatsoever.

For snyone to say Race for Life is anything than a vile capitalisation by feminists on a terrible affliction is to deny the millions affected by it not just through their right to be treated as all others, but also to deny them the benefit of the lost revenue through stopping half the population from taking part.

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