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Monday, 21 May 2012


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You want a laugh?

Below is what I posted to the clearly misandrist and mentally deranged New Statesmen article, well I tried to but according to their site it contained profanity? I reposted it many times moving the words around somewhat confused what in it was supposed to be vile and offensive. I can only conclude the words Misandry and feminism were to blame. Then before I tried re-wording them and reposting it again,it classed me as spam and blocked me? They REALLY don't like the truth do they:-)
Well this article has made me smile, why? It has proved one big truth that the MRA know already. Men's rights is on the right track, reveals the truth and is hitting at the very core of misandry and feminism..and as you can see from this article, they know it and the spittle is frothing from every orifice in them! ;-)

Keep it up lads.


The Cannes festival is something I have a fair bit of experience of in the past. In fact I noted while there over the years, many conversations in amongst the hub-bub of the crowds of left wingers trying to manipulate the film industry against the right, feminists against men etc. It is after all a hotbed of public perception manipulation.

I think the comments in the Guardian (especially by Anixia) speak volumes and give a nice indicator of the public's foot up the feminists sense of self entitlement.


Another incident takes place even more sadistic that the Katherin kieu becker one. Thing is it is in Texas that still has the death penalty. If this was a man doing it to a woman we all know how it would be treated and it would not be like the vile cast of loose women treated it over the Becker incident. YES, yes she should face the death penalty if found guilty. Yet the early signs of difference in treatment for a woman is showing...she gets a bail bond available to her even after a crime of that vicious magnitude that ended in death and it is even $800,000 less than Beckers which did not?


Cambridge Feminazi's again showing us that feminism has nothing to do with equality and anyone who thinks that is a fool. Did you hear them complaining about Men in the competition?


Not a problem!
Just call it "Bishop for life" and you can simply discriminate based on the fact a few supporters don't want them in. What's good for the goose eh?



Woman makes up allegation of being sexually attacked on a train, takes some poor innocent blokes picture, has her identity anonymised, no picture of her, his picture is put in paper and released by police then later he is discounted for any wrong doing and his picture put in the paper again, while the CPS advises them to close the case.

So what punishment did she get? Where are the facts as to why it was closed? As far as I am concerned this man will still have mud stuck to his name because of is picture being released and no public disclosure of the woman's identity and the facts surrounding her "alleged" complaint.

Should they now not release her identity in case another man may come forward who may have been a victim of false allegation by her previously? WHy not eh?


This is a big study and again, with reference to Suzanne Moore above who exactly are the "victims". Time and again the facts speak for themselves, men are not some uniformly privileged class. In fact middle class women in the west are probably the most privileged "class" there has ever been in terms of longevity and ease of life(apart from aristocrats of either sex).


I cold be wrong but the hate filled diatribe spewing forth from the likes of Liz Jones and other misandrists suggests to me they are getting worried. You (we?) have them on the run so they are reacting in the only way they know and like the spoiled little brats they are.

I don't need a man to change a lightbulb, I can do it myself. I could even rewire the entire building if need be.


Someone has been deleting comments again I see. I am starting to wonder who is really behind this blog and what their agenda really is. Makes you wonder why they hide their name. Is this a mild version of the Reddit scam to undermine MRA?

When you compare this blog or site to others, I have never seen such a lack of comment/debate and so much censorship when there is any real words spoken.

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