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Sunday, 01 July 2012


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I'm Sparticus

Good post. Lets hope this violent abuse is stopped for good. We already know if it was female, it would receive a hurricane of attention.

John Kimble

Contrary to the claims of the women's rights groups its worth highlighting the fact that some types of FGM are less severe than MGM, so its entirely appropriate to put the two on the "same footing".

Above all else its the principle that's important. Either its ok to hack important bits of babies bodies for no good reason and to risk their death through dangerous surgery, or it isn't.

One angle that people don't seem to have examined much is the taxpayer role here. As I understand it many of us subsidise religious MGM in the UK depending on which NHS trust area we live in. I think an important first step against MGM would at least to stop the state encouraging it though this funding.

I'm Sparticus

The tax payer also pays the majority of 200,000 abortions every year,fake boobs and God knows what else, something needs to be done about that too.


I have to admit until very recently I hadn't really paid much attention to this issue. Spot on post. Clearly an issue of principle and as you say exposes the unprincipled stance taken by the feminist lobby. Surely it is simple logic to oppose child genital mutilation. Unless of course one believes males are the disposable sex.
As you point out it does flush out the feminist's lobby duplicity.

There eems no reason not to ban this and if circumcision is a religious rite then adults can make that choice for themselves.


Can I just remind readers about International Men's Day. link above. As with genital mutilation of children a focus on men'd health and welbeing inevitably focuses on the societal expectations of males. Put simply any approach to improve men's health to achieve something like the lifespan of women, has to address the many discriminations in our society. Male child genital mutilation is widespread and exposed these infants to unnecessary health risks even death. Its just one way in which male roles (the disposable sex) make them vulnerable.


I can't stand the thought of all those poor children being put through all that pain and misery. It's a disgrace that the UK haven't caught up with this issue and put a stop to this barbaric mutilation. It makes me sick just how uncivilised our society is and even more sick that our useless politcians (who are supposed to represent us)haven't got the decency to raise this issue and deal with it seriously.

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