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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


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James Huff

This is James, long time reader. Just thought I’d throw some fuel on the fire.
You can see a radical feminist in action. Be sure to check out the comments.

John Kimble

Good piece and a much needed article on this blog.

I've studied this issue quite a bit recently, the BBC actually did a rather good documentary on the issue a few years back and in all fairness I think even the Guardian has mentioned the issue in the past.

All that I'd add to the above is the fact that genital mutilation of boys is performed by the NHS in some areas. It even used to be entirely taxpayer funded in places such as Birmingham and somewhat surprisingly it's the actions of a Labour MP who brought the issue to attention.

My investigations so far suggest parents now have to pay to have their babies mutilated against their will, though any such NHS trust offering the service talk about providing the service in an "affordable" manner therefore implying there may well still be some form of taxpayer subsidy involved.

Obviously readers will want to ban this practice entirely but it may well be that the first step is to put a stop to any state funding of such barbarism.

I would appreciate it if any more knowledgable readers know what the costs are in this area and whether the price charged reflects the actual NHS outlay.

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