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Sunday, 24 March 2013


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Welcome back! Thanks for putting the Spannish piece in as it is a warning to us in this country. In a relate piece,an interview with a Catalan Judge, she observed that the Gender Feminist Law (Socialist minister for women and "equality") was further made damaging to men by parts of the Judiciary and police forces still showing traditional favour to women as "saints" . A similar linkage to the push to keep women out of courts and prison in this country. Men and boys face a "double whammy" from the gender feminists and paternalistic attitudes that the "fairer sex" need lots of help.


Well done Mike in the interviews. Basic messages getting on Air. Hopefully further boosted by UCAS saying men are indeed disadvantaged in further education and this is the tip of an iceberg throughout compulsory education. An excellent piece and timely for JFM&B. Seems there really is a need for attention to men and boys even the Universities are starting to say it.


Having heard Mike Bs interviews I'm interested how just the figures on tax paying make one think a bit differently . I came across one of those "Sweden is wonderful "factsheets looking at it with different eyes the story is a bit different. 
First of all over 80% of the people employed in the competitive Swedish private sector are men. Presumably contributing most of Swedens tax. And Sweden has one of the most gender segregated workforces. With women concentrated in the tax funded sector to a much greater extent than the UK for instance. 
Interestingly 2/3 of all "sick days" are taken by women. 
And while there is generous parental leave for men it's take up is low(not surprising as I expect Sweden's competitive industries need their workers working).
As in Britain a substantial part of the female workforce 
 works part time. This increases if the generous parental leave/flexible-working is considered as a lot of nominally full time workers are either not actually at work or on reduced hours. 
Given this it is perhaps unsurprising that the time use data for Sweden shows men did more hours of work than women on average (time use counts all work paid and unpaid). 
To sum up making the obvious wealth of Sweden is apparently men's job , and they work long and hard to do it! While Swedish women enjoy all the "perks"of the tax funded sectors. 
Of course this also means that women are only 2% of executive board members. Not at all surprising if women form such a small percentage of those companies' workforce. 
At the end of the sheet are Swedish men applauded for their hard work and altruism? Oddly no. They are complained about because they don't take more leave! 
In the Uk too the tax funded sector is largely a female sector. One in which the average pay is higher than the private sector. But what proportions of the productive wealth creating sector is male? 80+%?Anyone got that figure ?

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