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Monday, 18 March 2013


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Criticise Sysmantec and we will brand you as a "hate Site" and censor you. Sounds a bit like Communist East Germany. This should be sent to the major news agencies.


Just thought you woudl ant to see this one. I bet this feminist left wing plant does not say the same for all the lesser arrests, sentences and such for women practised by the police?


Somehow I suspect we would all want our police to have some "force". The lack of which caught out a number of police services in the "riots" a couple of years ago. Just as it may help to have managers with confidence. A quality apparently lacking in female executives. All a bit of a theme even the Fawcett Soc. Says women don't have the confidence to climb the ladder or even negotiate their pay. So do they seriously wonder at the lack of "high flyers". I see even the obnoxious Hilary Deveney has given up on finding dedicated female execs. , however talented. As she says put in the effort and success will come. Of course few men also become top execs. This must mean all of us need to be at the top to make it fair. Macho police ? Goodness me whatever next Caring nurses? Strong builders, intelligent teachers? Dedicated athletes?


Funny enough what was I saying two comments up? This local paper is spewing some serious B.S propaganda. I know already the Dorset Police deliberately don't arrest females anywhere near what they do men for the same thing.

" The inquiry found that responding to the behaviour of teenage girls too harshly can make it more likely that they will be drawn further into the justice system. "

Have you ever read such blatant man hate? We won;t charge and imprison females because if we are too harsh they might get worse...but we will treat the boy like shit.


The root of the thinking. I know myself the Police are deliberately not arresting females, the answer? Dispense your own justice on them before the man-hate system can clear them from any accountability and slam you inside instead?


" All women in the area are invited to take part in the annual fundraiser on July 20 to support Weldmar Hospicecare Trust. "

Men not invited then?

same paper same day....

Hired Mind

Let us not simply complain about the matter, let's do something about it. A few ideas off the top of my head:

* If you administer a corporate network, drop the domains of all Symantec/O2 properties into your blacklist, so your users cannot get to them. Or better yet, re-route them to this article or similar. (Doing this at an ISP would be problematic unless you own the place)

* Do the same with any companies that support Symantec.

* Report every email from Symantec as spam.

* Run Google ads targeting "antivirus", and link them to articles about the issue. You're not going to be able to compete with Symantec on a 1-to-1 basis, but if 1000 of us spent $10 per month on it, it will cost them serious money.

* Search out people talking about Symantec (tech support forums, etc), and tell them that you don't use their product, and why. Offer one of their free competitors as an alternative (I use "Avast!" and it works much better than Norton anyway)

By all means, please add to this list.


Why don't someone make an advert of a man hitting his wife every time something doesn't get though her thick head?

After all, it would be so hilarious !! ?


she jumps 15ft breaks her leg one says.....

No mention of a broken leg but that she "ran into the road" ?

Given we know radical feminists are in India setting up their agenda..could this be a plant? Is this a faked attack for publicity?

Am I wrong to think this is a possibility?


Was the female false accuser criminally charged? WHY NOT?

Just goes to show what nasty pieces of work so many western women are.


Bizzare? the story has now been turned to MR? Sandy Evans (he)...if that is the case now and it was a man doing such an unspeakable thing to another man, then "he" should be punished real hard..that's even more vile than a woman doing it.


So the charge goes from sexual harassment to attempted RAPE? Just because SHE may have had a drink? This is nuts ! She didn't even open the DOOR ! He was not even in the room.

Mr Sharma said his client had not offered the woman a massage and suggested her allegations were part of a conspiracy to damage Agra's reputation as a safe city and to frighten tourists into visiting as a day trip, ( he may be closer to the truth then he realises as I mentioned in a previous comment)


Just listened to MB's interview on Radio Ulster...

...and I'd like to say what a fantastic job he did once again considering the circumstances. We should be proud of this guy and all the attention he is bringing to the media regarding the plight of men and boys - exactly what we need and if you're reading, Mike, keep it up, there must be thousands out there vouching for you.

One thing I must point out is that the feminist (can never remember their names because they're all the same and not worth investing even one single brain cell in trying to remember) was full of the usual denial nonsense and deflection tactics. I can live with that by now. But it's that complete knob of an interviewer who really got my goat at about 6 mins 40 secs when he began his white-knight, mangina, silly voice routine where he acts flabbergasted when Mike suggests that men are more prepared or willing to put in more work, and put themselves up for doing more risky, dirtier jobs than women are. And then the feminist laughs and it all goes downhill from there. But do you know what? This is EXACTLY what we need because it will generate outrage from listeners who will relate to the plethora of factual substance that Mike put across in this interview.

I don't often swear (sorry Skimmington) but that interviewer was acting like a fucking moron. He has all the evidence in front of his own freaking eyes to suggest that men work longer hours, do riskier jobs etc. and he has the audacity to ask MIKE for evidence. RETARD. What's the betting that the interviewer and the feminist were in the studio together while Mike was on the end of a phone.

Sorry guys, that one made me angry!


And I've told you, Mike, stick to the topic you want answers to. Demand an answer to the discrimination topic that you raise. Ask them why they won't explain? Ask if they have helped the cause with regard to the topic you raise. Ask them why they haven't helped if they're so keen on equality. When they try to digress, pull them back on course and demand an answer. When they can't answer, laugh and calmly deliver your next fact and stress that you're hopeful for an answer on this one!

Also, introduce a new fact every time you're in the spotlight. It will keep up the momentum of interest.

You're doing a fantastic job. Don't stop. There is a generation of boys who need you right now.


I suddenly feel a whole lot better. Listen to this one:

And I managed to remember the name of the interviewer - Julia Hartley-Brewer - a refreshing breath of fresh air.


He needs to do it Jeremy Paxman style Dave...


Thank you for this Dave. Really good as she does go through the key parts of the Party's consultation so I will send this far and wide as it is such brief but informative piece. I hope JFM&B continues to draw attention and support. I do think Mike 's tack is so powerful because it is for fairness and points to where unfairness can be found rather than being against feminism. I believe more men and women pay attention to discussion of what is fair and unfair in state action but would be put off by "anti" arguments. As he says his calm shows up his feminist oponents, particularly when they drift off to emotive topics such as porn or violence when he is discussing education work and tax.


Misandrist M.P who wanted all women prisons closed and only men imprisoned, divorces.

Hypergamy all along I suspect. What man could put up with such a mentally ill hateful woman?

I have little sympathy for any man who marries, especially one dumb enough to marry a western woman.



Where the hell are the men's groups screaming at the press about this? Worrying


No doubt the system will only see her as a "victim" where as a man who did the same thing woudl be called all sorts and treated as utter scum.


Above headline now changed too....

"Woman and toddler killed by train in rush hour "

Mustn't let women be seen as the selfish head-case child killers some are eh?

Fact is after some reading around, she DID throw herself and the poor boy infront of the train. So why change the headline?

Just more examples of the subtle manipulation of the Press for women.

Steve m.

Actually I am more disgusted by the comments on that story. The majority saying, "poor mother" and the like. We all know if it had been a father the mindless majority would be shouting scum bag, selfish evil man and so forth.

The double standards for women never cease to amaze me.

Steve m.

Read more:

Here's another one to sicken people. If he had been a woman he would have walked away free. A man getting years of abuse and losing it does not of course, but what is sickening is the comments. all cursing him and saying he deserved more...after years of emotional abuse? If that was a woman they woudl be making excuses, sickening..


Mike is getting better all the time. Listen to this from around 16:30. I love the way he handled her question and delivered a slam-dunk response that left her desperate to get to the news. hahaha.

This is the sort of delivery you need, Mike. This is how your reputation will balloon - calm delivery with slam-dunk style responses and irrefutable stats.

Well done again to Mike.


Mike, if you're still listening, next time someone deals the "women do the household chores as well as go out to work" card, please tell them they're talking feminist- shaming-tactic-drivel and hit them back with the sorts of jobs men do around the house. All the men I know who live with their partners do plenty of chores AS WELL as many other jobs that women don't do, like:

washing cars, diy, cutting lawns, washing up, heavy/dirty cleaning jobs like cleaning out gutters painting up ladders, all the dangerous jobs, mending things, putting the rubbish out etc. And on top of that, they are usually the ones who get sent to "assist" others with difficult or dangerous tasks and they are usually the ones who know how to operate all the electrical items in the household. Oh, and after all that, the modern day man DOES in fact have lots of involvement with the upbringing of his kids and usually helps considerably with taxi services, playing with the kids, helping with homework etc. And I dispute that men don't help with shopping (you only have to count the ratio of men and women in the supermarket to see that I am right) or household paperwork such as bills, car documentation, arranging MOTs, getting the dents fixed etc. etc. Oh, sorry, I nearly forgot, these men ALSO go out to work and usually FULL TIME, long hours, dangerous, dirty, strenuous jobs that are physically demanding and very tiring!

Mike, you HAVE to start answering these feminists back and play them at their own game in these instances otherwise we'll never undo the indoctrination that has embedded itself into society. These shaming tactics that they play are extremely damaging to society. Ok, it's not high-level stuff like tax, pensions, suicide, unemployment, board quotas etc. but, nevertheless, it's point scoring within the interview and a way of shaming men into thinking they are worthless.

Make it stop Mike, please.


Well said Dave. I agree.


Funny I don;t hear these whining hypocritical women complaining about the 90% of adverts that condone violence against men, humiliation, sexism etc. ?


Some nice examples of poor vulnerable female victims here:

An example of some REAL victims, which one do you think gets all the money and support from the state?


Anyone seen the new Bertolli TV ad? I wonder why they don't have an advert of two dirty old men on a beach photographing naked young female while laughing?

So why is this funny?



Another quota filler, another wastrel and incompetent, while they bay for the blood of the NHS male leader, this worthless woman gets a raise?

It is this lack of accountability that makes western women so utterly worthless no matter what they do.

Just stopped my Norton's auto-subscription.

Disgusted at their treatment of men's issues sites (such as Harry's), that's based on fashionable myths they think make them commercially sexy.

I've also had problems in the past getting answers to questions from their support staff. It all adds up.

So I'll be switching to another scanner -- maybe McAfee -- in a few months when my present subscription runs out.


I wouldn't use Symantec products anyhow. In 2010 Norton Antivirus completely dropped the ball and allowed the Zeus trojan to nick my bank details and clean our my account. Since then I've been a Kaspersky man, which is free for life if you have Barclays internet banking.

Moreover, the idea that "hate sites" should be censored or hushed up is in and of itself a bad idea. Even the most virulent hate speech (Islamism, neo-Nazis, open racism, etc.) should be out in the open so it can be confronted and rubbished like the bilious nonsense that it is. Forcing it to hide under the carpet gives it an "allure" and allows those who peddle it to martyr themselves.


Hi. I have statics for Sweden where over 80% of the private sector workforce is male However I can't seem to find the same data for the UK or indeed any part of it. There is an awful lot on "pay gaps" and so on, some huffing and puffing about management and company boards. Stuff on the public sector too. I can't believe that there isn't some data on this somewhere.

Can anyone help me with a simple stat. on the%? Or even the percentage of the private sector workforce which is female ?

parking lot lighting springfield mo

We are free and we can do what we like as long as we like! These suggestions for Symantecs seems plausible! I am not going back there anymore!


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