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Saturday, 31 March 2007


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Chris Barlow

This is absolutely unbelievable and is a perfect description of my experience. The CAFCASS officer in my case seems unable to provide a full and balanced report and better still is unable to discuss it.
I have a hearing today and yet only received the addendum report yesterday. I am unhappy about the content and opinion, but typically the officer has not returned my call or email. As a genuine father seeking more time with his son I have found CAFCASS totally inefficient, and not at all supportive of my case. My ex-wife has done all she can to slow proceedings down and I have become so disillusioned with the whole thing that I am representing myself. I have done everything possible to conform and compromise yet this has never been recognised.
CAFCASS is a truly shocking organisation and if as I suspect, my case is typical then something dramatic needs to happen to change things. I will never give up because I believe I am acting in my son's best interests, and but it has taken 18 months to get virtually nowhere, when any imbecile who spent more than 5 minutes making a report could see what has actually happened.


I am totally devestated,exausted,broke finacally and emotionally.I had a relationship,we seperated sadly these things happen.My ex stopped me seing my child.I applied to Birmingham Family courts .Within one apperance together with my solicitor we gained access.Though basic i.e.every second Sunday it soon grew to the whole weekend etc.

Five years later ,my ex now all happy in a relationship of about 2 years.Things took a turn for the worse.I asked for a four day break with my son maybe Euro Disney. This unleased a torent of abuse.This lead to not seing my son for 7 months.As ex now lived in Coventry,i had to deal through Coventry courts still no interim order.2 attendancess at court later still no interim order a farce.CaffCass became involved .
I attended 4 observed sessions.Some sessions better than others.CaffCass reports finally ready ,we attended Court loaded with praise from Caffcass.Even a quote from my ex saying"I do not want him seing my son,i want my new boyfriend to be his father."Access was granted ,though basic it was something.
My son and myself had a great time on our first outing in 8 months.2 DAYS ...before our next access my solicitor phoned.My ex has complained Caffcass was biassed against her!!!
All access has now been revoked by Caffcass and christmas plans cancelled.This is to allow Caffcass to investigate these alligations.No thought towards my sons feelings or mine and his step sister is devestated.The courts have no say even though a Court order is in place??
Im not sure this is the right forum for this but,im lost to Know what to do.Any advice anyone can forward me will be greatfully received.

Thanks for reading
Joe Callan

kevin lochner

i have read the various comments made and see that things are no different for myself.
i have two children 3 and 4 and was seeing them every weekend.then last april my ex decided that she would move 320 miles away to blackpool.
soliciters were involved on either side and nothing could be ex used the domestic violance card and things went from bad to seems the stories that were made up by her were set in stone and in was getting screwed over.
contact went from every weekend to every two weeks,im still not allowed to have my children overnight not once in 4 years.cafcass officer was envolved up in blackpool and a dragon at that.
they treated me like i was some kond of animal not capable of looking after my kids.the report was written in my absence and the fact finding hearing went against me as i could not afford representation so i was to be screwed over again.
contact went from every two weeks to three weeks and now contact has stopped totally and i have not seen my kids for nearly two months.
in my opinion thses people do not have a clue and do not realise the importance of fathers seeing their seems like one rule for one and one for another.
thanks for reading.
west sussex


My partner and I have been through a similar ordeal with a cafcass officer. My partner and his ex wife split up in 2005. They remained good friends and my partner had the children the majority of the time. Things changed in summer 2007 after we had their daughter 3 weeks equally during the summer holidays. We went to france for our 3 weeks. Upon returning an argument broken out about collection time and then we were stopped all access to her for a further 3 weeks. It was then my partner decided enough was enough and filed for divorce. As she left him with the children he filed on grounds of abandonment. Things then went from bad to worse. She made up all sorts of stories about stalking and harrassment, violence, threats, had my partner arrested on false aligations which were finally dropped after 7 months through lack of evidence!!! The courts decided a cafcass officer should be involved. It was clear right from our first meeting that she had already made up her mind who was right and wrong and immediately was rude and unprofessional towards us. Everything the children said to her she would report back to the mother, who would obviously deny everything. She eventually bullied the ex wife also and after almost losing both children to care, at the hands of the cafcass officer, my partner and his ex agreed to sort things out themselves for the sake of their children. Things are much better for all involved now and both the children are coming to terms with the affect this cafcass officer put on their lives. We are now looking at how we can complain against this officer before more families are torn apart through her involvement, though it looks from the comments above that it is all cafcass officers in general and according to them, the "WOMAN IS ALWAYS RIGHT" even when lying through her teeth.

Any help?



I have had the most horrendous experience with cafcass. he (an officer who seemed to think he was GOD) messed up my children's lives, 5 years later, now my daughter is telling me that she wishes careless (cafcass) never recommended her to go and live with her father and his girlfriend. today my daughter is completely lost, all because careless made the wrong recommendation; the 'step-mother' tells her to get out and father is silent.
I am practically not able to keep my child with me. I have no place to live and her school is near her father's home.

Pete Asper


Can cafcass case workers be sued in a civil court in order to be held accountable for lies etc?


I have made complaints about Cafcass I have reported the Guardian, who bullied and threatened my son, I have asked repeatedly for reports to be changed when the guardian made factual and biased remarks, I have listened to my children crying when they have to visit the contact centre, I have requested that somebody speaks to my children and listen them, I am continually fighting for them to have a voice. The guardian files her reports and judge listens to her is doesn't matter that she has made a lot of it up. People like her wreck lives not assist.


My son was abducted on December 3, 2007.
Cafcass officers aided to keep the child abducted, even when, evidence wshows the mother placed in risk of dead my son, who, was abducted at the age of 8 months old
Cafcass ignored the evidence, claiming that was to large to read, yet, in Court, the Cafcass officer claimed that they were suppose to be neutral, but were not and took the side of the Mother
The names of the officers of Cafcass have been concealed and I cannot even file a complain against them.
In fact, the acts of Cafcass permanently harm my son, but placed him in risk to his life, but also aided a criminal to prevent Justice, this goes beyond Justice, in fact, is aiding and abetting criminals by the racism and incompetence with immunity without reason

iso nevski

CAFCASS hates good mothers too. Maybe if their recommendations always create the most disruption, c o r am get to move in on the spoils. It's an industry.


We had a nightmare with the guardian ad litem from CAFCASS. Because I raised concerns about her conduct, she basically excluded our family from proceedings. She recommended every other weekend with his father saying she had no concerns about him, despite him regularly threatening me with violence in front of the child and has three convictions for ABH against schoolkids.
Her report was basically a character assassination of myself which her own manager told her should never be done, he also told her to include the significant positives about me. Again, she did not.
I cannot understand how this out of control and cruel woman remains in her job. My partner believes that many managers at CAFCASS are afraid to take appropriate disciplinary action because they are afraid they will have no staff left.


I flatly refuse to accept this to be normal process for all CAFCASS offices or officers. But the treatment I received by the CAFCASS Guildford office was abysmal.

They have miss-represented accounts of events, miss-represented witness statements, miss-represented observations and thoroughly abandoned all duties of care to my child, my ex-partner and myself.

CAFCASS officers are not medically trained, but the can prescribed psychiatric treatment.

Where actual interactions are witnessed by CAFCASS without incident, CAFCASS officers have the autonomy to use the term “to a trained and experienced child protection worker” to then miss-represent events they have witnessed.

As a father I was forced to suffer the shame of supervised contact without any justification, judicial review or evidence to support my ex-partners never ending or changing allegations against me.

The original hand-written notes collated during supervised contact miraculously disappeared! Conveniently allowing my child’s CAFCASS case worked the opportunity to present to court her interpretation of what occurred during supervised contact which she was not present!

Needles to say the CAFCASS case worker got completely carried away with her Section 7 report. Even going to the extent of stating an incident was witnessed by an individual who was not even in the building on the day she alleged…!

Instead of reviewing any of the evidence to contradict her employee, the branch manager decided to make the greatest attempt to block all evidence which contradict her employee’s report from ever been heard in court!

What methodology would this represent?

The normal horror stories relating to CAFCASS officers regularly include:

- Miss-representations of actual analyst completed by trained and experienced professionals.
- Miss-representations of father’s emotions, well being and state of mind.
- Miss-representations of events they witnessed.
- The presentation of false / untrue documents or accounts to court.

The above points are in places fraudulent, when CAFCASS officers take the witness stand in court. Additionally perjure is still a criminal offense?

How / why is this perversion of the greatest judiciary allowed to continue?

What is even more shocking is the Government appointed minister for children and the head of CAFCASS flatly refuses to comment on any individual case?

We now live in an age where it is increasingly difficult for people, Civil Servants in particular to lose their jobs.

Taking into account the following regular reported complaints about CAFCASS’ practices:

- Is the systematic discrimination against fathers
- the infringement of fathers’ Human Rights
- Gross negligence
- Gross incompetence
- Perjury
- Perverting the course of justice
- Fraud

Are these reasons not enough to at least alarm the individuals who are paid 6 figure salaries to safeguard our children?

Broness Delyth Morgan, Anthony Douglas what else needs to go wrong before you do your job and take immediate action?

How do you sleep at night, what about the children?


i am a dad of three children currently in a custody battle. i have recieved a biased report in their mothers favour from CAFCASS. CAFCASS has neglected to mention that my ex has been keeping my oldest child off school on numorous occasions even though it was mensioned to her. she has neglected to mention that my ex has been putting my childrens health at risk even though i have proof of this. i was just woundering if anyone has had problems with (name removed by editor) who works for CAFCASS in Caerphilly. she has recently been transfered from devon CAFCASS office. Any information would be really appreciated. i think there are to meany children suffering a bad upbringing because of CAFCASS'S incompitence. I think us good fathers need to stick together and fight for the childrens safety because CAFCASS is doing wrong by the children. IF THEY HAVENT GOT US, WHO ELSE HAVE THEY GOT

robin hilpert

I've recently come into contact with cascaff and in starting to panicked already from what I hear its not good what they do I've always been hands on from day one when my son was born he 3 in July my ex denied me and ignored letters asking for reasons 7 months later I get it my family bad influence yet she comes to my brothers with my son I have to stay away says my mum mental problems none of which is true she refused mediation wants court to decide her own words I'm faultless as a father to our son yet does this I have a criminal record was in broadmoor for 8 n half weeks average stay at time was 9 years ?my ex new this I told her early in relationship so she knew this when she fell pregnant and had our son now she says she didn't know untill we split October 09 my criminal history was before I net her broadmoor was 13yr ago 8yr before I met ex I feel I won't be treated fair her mum would like me to walk away like I never had a son my son means the world to me and my fear is my ex doing her best to make it as difficult as possible for me to see my son

steve watson

I have only just heard of Cafcass recently as they are involved with a case connected to my family. It is interesting to see so many negative comments regarding this organisation and although there maybe some truth in some of the comments made i have "Googled" names from the list directly above and found some very interesting news clippings from the Evening Chronicle regarding certain individuals. I would challenege anyone to do the same before passing judgement on an organisation who are there to protect people and children as maybe, just maybe, there are some people who are playing the "innocent father" card who have a darker past than they try to portray. You know who you are and the normal law abiding citizens in this world are now on to you. Good luck.


Yes its very sad that I agree with every word on this page.The Cafcas officer in my case was (name removed by editor) of Croydon he had already interviewed my X, when he came to interview me he had already made up his mind. This happened 7 years and 2 seperate courts, after my divorce, where I was given 50% care. My little daughter is suffering badly because of his actions, and there is nothing I can do apart from post like these, and my blog. How do these people, parents them selves sleep at night.


I came into contact with cafcass last year to go to court to emigrate with my son.
I was shocked how cafcass treated me I have looked after my son on my own for 7 years worked very hard to make sure he has everything, also let my sons father have contact as much as he liked even though never had a penny from him and he never stops causing trouble for my son and i, the cafcass report to my shock said because of the colour of my sons skin he would need to live here, even though myself being white love my son and have never had anything in relation to the colour of his skin until i go to see the cafcass people, she totally went with the father and told lies about their relationship in the report, because of this my order to leave was denied, I will fight again i just want to give my son a better life, and i would never stop contact between him and his father where is the justice, to everyone i am now looking more into cafcass and read legal books almost every night these people should investigated as they ruin peoples lives and i am determined to get to the bottom of these people and make it know to help people like your selves ion this site.


I'm in utter disbelief as to just how crooked the family law system is.

In briefest terms (or I would be in contempt I guess):

CAFCASS writes a favourable report that states leave to remove should be refused because of the bind with father and consistent with children's wishes and feelings that ther don't want to go and want to live with dad.

Judge orders psychological assessment of parents and children.

Children's solicitor cocks up and unilaterally decides to appoint wrong type of person (was supposed to be a joint instruction)

So-called expert has bugger all training in most important areas and evidence of bias for mother proven in court. Expert slapped down for swaying finely balanced case.

However, by this time CAFCASS officer sitting on fence.

Everyone unsure if best for the children and agreed expert should be consulted regarding whether mother (who constantly breaches court orders in UK) can have necessary orders to compel her to comply if leave to remove.

Expert opinion says that wouldn't be possible.

Glossed over.

Father lost job and the court knows that. Mother says she can't afford travel.

Father told he is to pay to the tune of £18,000 per year whilst unemployed!

Mother is distressed apparently so although safe option is for them to live with father, they have to go!

Mother, independent expert and CAFCASS all colluded to screw over children and father.

That's justice for you!


The UK Family Courts can never allow the press access to its "proceedings".


I endured a "Fact Finding" hearing which made absolutely no sense. Earlier this month my hearing was in front of Circuit Judge Rylance at Epsom County Court. It was supposed to take a full day, but was restricted to 4 short hours.


My case has allegations from both sides, basically my relationship with my ex-partner and mother of one of my children ended last August after she realised she was in financial difficulty. Therefore she decided she needed to return to her parents' house and convince me to sell the house we owned together. Needles to say, when I disagreed, she used my child as a pawn then resorted to intimidation.


To support my allegations, I have submitted a "voluminous" bundle of evidence which strongly supports my allegations and very convincing refuted my ex's.


During the hearing none of my allegations were even mentioned, they were all dismissed a a form of intimidation.


All of my ex-partners we reviewed if great detail; which took several hours because all of her statements, complaints to the police and answers during cross examination varied drastically.


A few of her allegations are as follows:


1) On the day I told her I submitted papers to court, my ex coincidentally alleges she say me at 21:00 mid November 2009 driving on the opposite side of the road! She knew it was me because she saw my car registration. Therefore I was stalking her.


Ignoring the fact that I drive a common black car, which does not have the front registration plate illuminated \\(therefore at night all you would see is my head lamps) Circuit Judge Rylance surmised that the facts are irrelevant because if it was me, the mere fact that I was on a road 20 miles away from where we both lived it was my intentions to intimidate my ex.


2) Last October my ex-partner told me her father's friend who is a senior police man told her to make allegations of domestic abuse in order to secure free legal representation.


The fact that I had submitted a complaint to the Police Department of Professional Standards regarding the advise she received was another for of domestic abuse! Presumable police officers are perfectly entitled to pervert the course of justice?


3) Amongst my ex-partner varying and inconsistent allegations, she alleged that 2 years prior to her deciding to leave, I threw a house telephone at her unintentionally, which happened to hit both her and my child leaving them both with 1 small scratch, no bump, concussion or bruising.


The photographs taken 1 day, 5 days and 7 days after the alleged incident, which I submitted to refute her version of events were all dismissed because they were not time stamped. Presumable if I knew I was collecting evidence then I would have taken better care?


The fact that I was not present when the injuries were sustained and the only explanation I had was the one given to me by my ex-partner at the time, was also rejected by Circuit Judge Rylance. He surmised that both versions of events were unlikely, but decided to accept the allegation from my ex-partner. He actually suggests that a blunt house telephone is more likely to cause a scratch to the forehead, leaving not swelling, bruising or concussion than the sharp corner of a draw!


4) My ex partner also suggested in mid 2006, because we were arguing then I tried to leave the room we were both in. She even admitted she perused me to 3 different rooms, then I pushed her while she was pregnant as I passed on a narrow landing to escape outside and have a cigarette!


To date, I still do not recall pushing all I remember was finally being frees to from the house and having a cigarette. Circuit Judge Rylance, surmised the contact though may have been slight still constitutes domestic abuse!


5) Without previously submitting a formal witness statement another of my ex-partners was allowed to take her place on the witness stand and make the exact same allegations against me! All without a prior statement or any evidence to support her allegations.


Is perjury now allowed the UK Family Courts?


As I was representing myself, I was also forced to endure the greatest torrent of intrusive and aggressive behaviour from the female barrister that represented my ex-partner. While I am some-what grateful she temporarily had something to fill what appears to be a mostly vacuous existence, I fear Circuit Judge Rylance did nothing to cull her over enthusiastic, intrusive and aggressive attitude towards me. Is this not harassment?


Within the first 45 minutes of the hearing my ex-partner appeared to cry on 15 separate occasions, forcing the court clerk to hand her a bundle of tissues. Needles to say, my ex promptly dropped them to the floor then continued to pretend she was upset. Her false act very promptly stopped after I highlighted that after 45 minutes she was still to produce a single tear drop! Surprisingly she was then very able to continue for another 3 hours without being upset at all. In fact the only emotion she directed at me was exceptional levels of aggression!


The media will never be allowed in the Family Courts. Could this be why?


Needles to say, in the 12 page bundle produced by Circuit Judge Rylance, no where did it mention anything about contact my child should have with me. Neither did it highlight any concerns about the contact I have with my child.


There has previously been over 6 months of supervised contact which very strongly promotes me as a good father. Now several weeks after the court hearing, I am still waiting for Cafcass to arrange contact.


This whole process is insane! The fact that court officials are never held accountable for their actions are decisions is dangerous!


During his verbal summary, while concluding the Fact Finding hearing Circuit Judge Rylance in his summary suggested that as my child has not had any contact with her paternal family for 9 months, he will "grant a few members of my family contact, but not all of them."


Which ones?

How do I decide?

Do I run a lottery to decide who can contact my child?

What business of his is this? To date there are only allegations against me, none of which have been consistent, made any sense, truthful or substantiated with any evidence!


As a 6'3" black man residing in the UK in 2010, I feel the faith of my mixed race child has been decided purely based on the colour of my skin!


How could this be possible?


How would this ever be reported out to the rest of the world?



Phil mathers

You should be so lucky. Forget the race card. Your are male that is all you need to know. CAFCASS are totally incompetent as far as I am concerned.

(name removed by editor) 61 and father of a 6 yr old whose mother's total objective was to have a child as a money hostge. CAFCASS fell for her lies hook line and sinker.

My incompetent was certain (name removed by editor) now operating in Nerwcastel so beware.

Phil Mathers

I have struggled for 5 years at vast expense to get a decent deal for my son. he consistently has indicated that he would prefer to live with me from the very first time that he could put mhis arms out.
Tomorrow he starts school and she could not even be bothered to clean his uniform. He was in my opinion negelcted when in nappies, deprived of basic affection and now she will not even do the basics of his school work despite his need. I have tons of fact and visual eveidence to show but CAFCASS were not interested how my sons needs have not been addressed whilct his mother indulges herself. CAFCASS are useless!

Paul Baddeley

The experiences here tell the story CAFCASS are useless and add no value whatsoever.

CAFCASS putting resident parents first at the expense of children

Andrew Francis Longworth

Would love to have a real go at cafcass but considering they never actually do what they say they are going to do leaves me confused.Mind you i have now informed CAFCASS that i do not want them anywhere near my children until they have met me face to face,I told some woman on the phone my ex partner 'nobbles' the children,well,the shock and horror in her voice as if it never happens.This same woman asked me if i was sure a cafcass officer was in court at my last hearing,asking me things like how old was she,what colour hair did she have? priceless.Last year at a contact hearing I made sure I agreed to a 'wishes and feelings' report,then walked out ten minutes later when I was told I would not be seeing my daughter on her birthday.The judge,cafcass officer and my ex partner's brief colluded with each other to say i did not agree to the report.Simple solution,buy the transcripts prove what a lying incompetent shower of imposters they are.Got rid of the judge(no apology though)solicitor not doing my ex partner's case(no apology though)cafcass officer's amnesia cured slightly when she remembered me 'initially' agreeing to the report,whatever that means(she looked about fifteen years old by the way,still no apology though)People advise me not to antagonise these gender biased morons but I have had enough,Dads you do not have to accept the teatment,I have wrote to HMCS and got rid of two judges,'until I get a fair and impartial judge'.Say the same to CRAPCASS.You are not criminals,you do not have to bow and scrape to these cretins.Good luck and chins up.


Because of a Cafcass report written by (name deleted by editor) of Exeter Branch ,my son and I have not seen each other for 3 years . I am a good mother, a loving parent.



Missy Attitude

(name deleted by editor) Brighton office very bad workwomanship holding others actions and behaviours of abuse against me for obtaining residence back of my daughter after she was taken by her father.
My Daughter in question along with the 2 other Children and myself aren't in contact with the abuser's, but (name deleted)s report says this is reason for recommending I do not regain Residence Order, Dismissed evidence which proved Father took Child for reason To be Housed by Council Authority and gain income support benefit, which he then wouldnt b subjected by DSS 2 get a job.


the court system is changing but will never be flawless. Parents in the family court system need to adapt or they will fail.

Do not get upset about your ex-partners actions. Do not get upset by CAFCASS workers actions. Read books about childcare and get everything right. be nice to the CAFCASS workers and if they make a negative report, except it and make sure they can not write the same thing again by becoming an even better parent.

Always put your child first, the parent that does make this priority will show it one way or another.

If you feel you have a bias CAFCASS worker, arguing and getting angry with them will not work out in your favour and you will just prove them right.

Forget and ingore everything but your childs welfare. make a note of inacurracys and present them in a constructive way.

Keep a diary of EVERYTHING. its the only worthwhile evidence you will ever have.


I have been fighting for contact with my child for the last 4 years, i need to keep my wages at a certain level to still receive legal aid. i need to pay for a 2 bedroom flat so my child can stay with me and a car that i only use to collect my son for contact. i live on the bread line. i was about to see all my efforts pay off and get weekend contact, but then the case fell through with help by a CAFCASS worker who was new to the case and made a decision on me straight away. I did have a good relationship with CAFCASS before the current one with many positive assesments of my parenting. The current CAFCASS worker ignores the good things i do and is continually on a witch hunt so that she write a negative report.

i asked the CAFCASS worker very politley if maybe she made a mistake and when it started to become an argument I changed the subject. Because of this conversation i do feel things got worse. I now follow every tact apart from confrontation with this CAFCASS worker about her incompetence. I fight a battle of smiles, trying to do everything right and trying to persuade the CAFCASS worker rather than fight her. Yes it is hard but getting angry will cause mistakes and that is what they are looking for. dont make their job in condemming you easy.

This is my hard facts guide, but will work out in the end if you stick to it. you wont come out of this process a winner but you can come out losing less:

the court system is changing but will never be flawless. Parents in the family court system need to adapt or they will fail.

Do not get upset about your ex-partners actions. Do not get upset by CAFCASS workers actions. Read books about childcare and get everything right. be nice to the CAFCASS workers and if they make a negative report, except it and make sure they can not write the same thing again by becoming an even better parent.

Always put your child first, the parent that does not make this a priority will show it in one way or another.

If you feel you have a bias CAFCASS worker, arguing and getting angry with them will not work out in your favour and you will just prove them right.

Forget and ingore everything but your child's welfare. make a note of inacurracys and present them in a constructive way.

Keep a diary of EVERYTHING. its the only worthwhile evidence you will ever have.

Brian Hitchcock

I am now an external stakeholder of Cafcass. Contact Men's Aid if you have a complaint against a Cafcass officer.
Brian Hitchcock
Director of Legal Services
Men's Aid Charity

Henry Dobell

I have had a stage 2 complaint against my section 7 report by Cafcass upheld. I have received a mealy mouthed apology and am told Cafcass will not contribute anything towards my costs of challenging their incompetent work. What next?

John Johnstone

I today wrote the following email to my Derbyshire MP

Dear Ms Wheeler,
As you will be aware in 2008 my marriage broke down, my estranged wife left taking my son, and over the next 3 years I became subject to a process common to “absent parents” of exclusion marginalization, stereotyping and ultimately gender bias based discrimination. Worse still the aberrant behavior of my estranged wife was supported and aided by the current court system which showed itself to have a systemic problem performing to standards which it set itself. I took the prescribed route of complaint identified by CAFCASS, and three years later, still find that the processes are not being followed even after this case has travelled all the way to the houses of parliament ( the Parliamentary Ombudsman found substantial failings in the handling of the case and gave direction to CAFCASS) and back – On Saturday 15th October I found my complaint would have to “ start over” because at an “independent review” found there to be such failings that the only alternative was to start again. The process is simple – should take of each stage approx. 30 days , there are at most 3 stages 90 days – 3 months, it’s now over 30 months – not far off 3 years – and it’s still not resolved. I have come to recognize that as a mode of operation staff within this organization have, withheld information when requested, sent misleading or wrong documentation, obstructed their own staff when investigating complaints such as this and obstructed independent observers, who clearly overlooked fundamental principles of compliance which later become overturned by secondary investigations. All in all its laughable – or it would be if there wasn’t a little 6 year old boy at the end of this story, whose mother willfully ignore the directions of social services, CAFCASS , and the direction of the court risking the safety and health of the child as she can and has operated in this way with complete impunity to date as she is the parent with residence. I am purportedly a equal parent (with a court order to prove it) , however with having my son 47% of the time I am classed by the child services – and most other government based bodies as the "absent parent", and as such have little or no rights , and more importantly this means that any action I now take may be seen as vexatious and argumentative to try and make any changes in the organization and control of my son.
The stage 3 CAFCASS complaint report was released on Friday 21st October, and once again it shows that the management of this case is not to the standards set by the organization itself.
I would appreciate you intervention and direction, as this confused and now comedic affair has gone on for long enough - I feel it time the matter was taken out the hands of those who are responsible for this fiasco and managed truly independently I look forward to your direction.


John Johnstone


Words fail me, I appreciate there are good and bad people within CAFCASS, but I cannot believe how BAD the bad are. My personal experience of CAFCASS is one of continual duplicity. Many CAFCASS employees should be in jail and I can see that happening quite soon.

No chance!

The whole system is corrupt! But we can't sue judges or Caffcass. They know how corrupt they are this is why it goes on behind closed doors! What I can't understand is why do judges and Caffcass want to ruin kids lives?
If a child has 2 good parents the contact should be 50/50 after a split, simple as that!!!!


Cafcass....I walked away and will not be seeking contact with my son (now 8). He will also be told to jog on if he ever attempts to contact me and will be told to sod off back to his mother or ask cafcass why he doesn't know his dad. Cafcass allowed a german shephard dog in the contact centre garden area, where young children, including my son were playing. Moreover we had to listen to a foul mouth tourettes sufferer for the entire vist. I said NEVER AGAIN. A CONTACT CENTRE SHOULD BE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT AND THEY CANNOT EVEN GET THAT RIGHT. EVERYONE INVOLVED IS STILL IN THEIR JOBS, EVERY USELESS, UNACCOUNTABLE, EXPENSE CLAIMING PIECE OF SCUM. The subsequent stasi cow who wrote the report, lied and completely misrepresented everything I said. JUSTICE WILL BE DONE AND I WILL HAVE MY VENGANCE.

Brian Hitchcock

If any one wants to contact me you can through the help-line number of the Men's Aid Charity which can be found at or by my e-mail address
Brian Hitchcock

Proud Parents!

In so many cases I believe that a father is often given the raw deal and not treated as an equal parent! I had been through the process myself as a child and had to wait to be old enough to make the decision for myself to live with my father. I was placed in danger and I couldn't get out of it, even with court intervention!
When I found myself in a situation where my partner, now husband, was fighting just to see his son I was determined that the same was not going to happen to him. I needed my dad. My stepson has lived with us now, with the thanks of CAFCASS! They saved a child from complete ruin. It was infact nearly KO'd by a psychologist that didn't see eye to eye with us! I find it frightening as so many lives could have been destroyed by a personal dislike! However, honesty is the only policy. And we got there. It's sad to think that so many people have complaints about CAFCASS, but the system can work. 5 years our case has run and we've just got the final final final hearing! That's after my stepsone has been living with us for 3 years now!


Cafcass apear to be untouchable hiding behnd a fasard of deciept supported by the family courts by allowing these reporting officers of the court to stray into the relms of deccision maker.

causing distress to the family's placed in their incompitant hands by the judicial system.

howard millington

GOOD NEWS, Dear all good news after reading all these and many more storys about caffcass i recorded ever meeting with them and after losing custody of my son i asked caffcass questions which allowed it to go back to court and i won custody of my son,I am now being followed closly by the bbc i am also issueing court proceedings today for neglect to my son by caffcass, i would like to start a petition to expose caffcass as liars and cheats with exception to a few case workers who were their for the chils best intrest but i think you all might agree most of them are just power driven mad people who need exsposing .

John Mousell

We are very concerned grandparents of our little 2 year old grandaughter who's mother is a severe alcoholic. Initially, Worcester Crown Court Family Division awarded our son full residency of our grandaughter with the mother only having supervised access. This was early 2011. Once the Worcester office of Caffcass became involved full residency reverted to the mother in May 20012, with access reduced for our son. This recommendation from Caffcass even followed the mother getting intoxicated and absconding with our grandaughter in August 20011 and breaking the conditions of the Court Order. Our son was vilified by Caffcass and Worcester Court for trying to take action against the mother. Now, following a police incident in November 20012 where the mother commited the crime of wilful neglect i.e. getting drunk and incapable whilst caring for our grandaughter we believe that Caffcass Worcester have coluded with Caffcass Birmingham and Birmingham Social Services to ensure the courts in Birmingham maintained the mother to have full residency. This has placed our grandaughter in extreme danger!! We are persuing this as a complaint via our local M.P. but if anyone can offer further help and advice we would be very grateful. We would obviously give our full support and help to any campaign or petition that is organised to instigate an investigation or review of this odious and dangerous operation.

Agnes Pizzoferro

As a Grandmother seeing her son go through all the injustice re false accusations not proved CAFCASS not reading reports before a court case, solicitor's bills making it impossible for my son to afford legal representation, I would love to change the whole system but where do we start!!! We can complain but it will take a lot more than that to make a difference. We wrote to our MP but really no help. So what do we do!!!?


A faceless, unaccountable, incompetent shower of shite.

Yep, CAFCASS. Employing what look like children to decide adults lives.


It is not just father that get screwed by cafcass......mothers too...but who are the ones that really suffer over their incompetence? the children!!!!
Cafcass officers will NEVER admit to having made a mistake, so once the report is done thats it, no matter if it is fact or fiction. The do not believe in parent alienation either, they think children cannot be bullied or coerced into lying for the manipulative parent. If you have a manipulative control freak of an ex who has managed to gain control of your children DO NOT ever let cafcass do a wishes and feelings report on the kids...their fate is now sealed, and they are at present in a refuge somewhere with my ex husbands wife who has least 1 month too late...left him and accused him of domestic violence for the past 8 years....this all makes a total mockery of the cafcass report, but they are sticking to their report saying it changes nothing. My kids were made to do a wishes and feeling report after having NO contact with me for a year....and they now 'remember' things that never happened in reality. They have had their minds poisoned and no one seems to care about the far reaching effects all this crap will have on them. I can only pray they are somewhere safe and that they will learn from someone that what their father did and how he behaves and treats others is NOT nthe right or normal way to be....but i fear it may be too late. :(
Cafcass cannot see that this man does not even care about the children or about how they feel, this man has no empathy whatsoever, and no conciience. It is all about control, and about hurting me via my boys.
What a lovely role model for my 3 boys!!! Well done cafcass, yet more childrens lives ruined by you...keep up the good work eh!

Brian Hitchcock

I am now an external stakeholder of Cafcass.
I deal in complaints against Cafcass. You can contact me through the Men's Aid Charity.
Brian Hitchcock


I totally agree with all the above and especially L.M recent post. CAFCASS handed my kids over on a plate to my abusive ex.....who now uses them as a tool to hurt me. WELL DONE CAFCASS

derek lake

CAFCASS are without doubt a leaderless organisation who do not follow rules or guidelines, make decisions based on rumour over fact, do not have the interests of the children at the forefront of its strategy, but the protection of itself and its staff. People need to follow through complaints with logic and fact and whilst I agree with the sentiment above, one needs to become less abusive and more factual. Only then can CAFCASS be seen for the incompetent destructive organisation that it is. my case has been ongoing for 6 years, my complaint started in may 13 has now reached the review of findings by CAFCASS stage, I will progress it to the ombudsman but intend to progress it further, maybe the european court of rights. I have proof CAFCASS have lied via contradictory emails from different people within CAFCASS, doesn't matter how long it takes, I will make them accountable for their damage to my 3 children. If anyone has any advice on how to progress it on from the ombudsman I would appreciate it. I have never used a solicitor, I have always represented myself, solicitors are as bad as CAFCASS in my opinion regards

David Mortimer

However one looks at the future of divorced couples and their children,
logic and research is on the side of joint custody as the presumptive first
choice. As a society, we must move into the next century armed with
realistic custody practices that protect the documented needs of children.
Continuation of the defacto presumption for sole custody simply, will not

On the 14th of March 2013 Edward Timpson said during the debate on the
children & families bill: The debate is not new to the House, however: I
took the time to look back at Hansard, as we often do late at night when
waiting to vote, and I discovered a debate on this very issue back in 2006.
The Conservative party, then in opposition, was pushing this proposal, but
it was rejected by the then Labour Government, and the Labour Opposition
continue to reject it now. In fact, it was the subject of a Conservative
party manifesto commitment in 2005. The problem has persisted and has
continued to be debated throughout that period, and here we are in 2013,
going through the same process.

Proof, the Conservatives have failed to act in the best interests of
children since they have been in office.


On 17th October 2004 the Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for the
Family, Theresa May, pledged to end the misery of the family courts.
Unveiling a strategy for institutional change.

"We Conservatives recognise what the experts and common sense have always
told us: that the best parent is both parents. It is time for a family court
system that protects children and respects parents.

Have you ever read the report on Bruce Clark's major distortions of family policy which was first published by Consensus on the 26th of April in 2005?

David Mortimer

On 12 September 2013 09:12, Family Institute wrote:

Domestic Violence Scam fully exposed

See attached brilliant letter obtained by Dave Mortimer from UK Courts Service where they spill the beans on the Domestic Violence scam and provide more valuable evidence to show the hypothesis we have reached is 100% accurate. I have transcribed the first page below.

It reveals a Family Law court CAN NOT AND DOES NOT examine any allegation of a crime (violence, assault, battery) so a so-called "Domestic Violence" order has no connection with any claim of violence. The Courts Service admit that any allegation of a crime must be tried in a different court - the criminal court and can not be heard in the Family Law court.

To quote, "Domestic violence cases are dealt with in the family courts because the applicant has chosen to apply for a civil injunction (a non-molestation or occupation order).

However they say "The respondent to the family case. to take your example, the father, has the opportunity to respond to the applicant's allegations of domestic violence at the full hearing." meaning the applicant will say lots of nasty things about the named Respondent BUT the court will not hear them as a being allegations of a crime. A person has the right to not have their private Family affairs (even so-called "dirty washing") discussed with a stranger (the Judge and court staff) so has the right to not accept the "opportunity to respond".

A court hearing an application for a Domestic Violence order CAN NOT TAKE ANY LAWFUL NOTICE OF ANY CLAIM OF VIOLENCE (because it can not apply the proper criminal standard of proof and does not afford the named Respondent dues process) so the named Respondent has nothing to "defend" himself against.

The applicant is actually making NO CLAIM against the named Respondent at all. Their claim is to be granted an injunction just BECAUSE THEY WANT IT! It has nothing to do with the named Respondent who is not there to answer any claim of misconduct. It would appear there is no good reason to attend such a hearing. To do so would accept that the court COULD make such an injunction. To interfere with the duties and rights of a parent in a institution of the Family founded on Marriage is beyond the authority of the State/Court UNLESS THERE IS A FINDING OF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR, i.e. a conviction.

Importantly being a CIVIL injunction the police/gardai are prohibited from becoming involved in any Domestic Violence orders!

Any involvement of the police/gardai IS UNLAWFUL and shows THEY are acting CRIMINALLY where they are not responding to a recorded complaint of the named Respondent having committed a specified CRIME and where they are not arresting the named Respondent and charging him with the specified crime. By the way the arrest must be by way of a valid warrant and can only be made without a warrant where the specified crime is one that is an "arrestable offence" i.e. one that carries a tariff of 5 years or more imprisonment.

From this it follows that a so-called "breach" of a Domestic Violence order only occurs where the named Respondent has committed a specified crime and as the UK Courts Service admit he must be charged with THAT CRIME and tried in a criminal court for it - NOT IN A Family Law COURT!.

Never forget there is no crime of Domestic Violence!

God Bless, Roger Eldridge


I am a solicitor working in family law. I am quite new to it, I have only worked in it for two years.

In my 2 years I am totally disillusioned at the complete incompetence and bias of the system.

It is awful. These people are not accountable.

As long as the woman uses the buzzword "domestic violence", a man can be stopped from seeing his child for prolonged periods of time whilst "safeguarding" checks are carried out.

Quite often, the woman has made malicious allegations as the man has a new partner and uses the child as a weapon.

Quite often these arguments are about child support and money.

If I had a penny for every woman who prevents her children seeing their dad due to financial problems, I would be rich.

There is a pattern to a lot of these people. 3 kids by 3 different dads, all of them scum bags, yet the courts always taking their sides....

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