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Monday, 07 May 2007


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What a great website; what a damning inditement of our weird times that it is neccessary.


interesting petition.

saw your site via iaian dale.

i would add one - insisting on equal treatment during divorce proceedings.

David Hughes

I have just left a comment on Antonia's blog (Labour councillor) where she takes you to task for demanding a minister for men. Whilst maintaining that "her sort of feminism" is good for men and women (a humorous assertion if ever I've heard one!) she thinks women should have a minister for men but that men don't need a minister for men. The woman is obviously a screwabll.
Interestingly she threatens to ban anyone using the term "faminazi" from commenting on her blog. Obviously another PC female who wants to control our thinking by first of all controlling our vocabulary. The word "feminazi" is in the Oxford Dictionary of New Words

Rachel Joyce

good stuff.I don't endorse it all word for word, but agree with majority.


Why have men not got a men's minister?

If our politicians beleive in equality, then why arn't men been treated equally.

Read my article about Hereford, A Feminist Dictatorship" on Men's Aid.


Unfortunately Councillor Bance works with Oxfam as Oxfam's deputy director of its UK poverty. She also heads the UK poverty programme's policy and campaigns work where she is allowe to run riot with her anti-men views, all done in the cause of helping poor people. Being a rising Labour Party politician and government official, Oxfam gives a lot of leeway!


The more the merrier, it is about time that we (men) had some equality in a society that misrepresents men continually, NSPCC ad's for example. Do they not realise that not ALL men are abusers and, in actual fact, there are probably more female perps. of emotional abuse and neglect with children than there are male


how much research is there for a cure for asbestosis. It is a working man's illness hardly contracted by women.We get our pensions at 65 yet we don't live as long as women.I am in the process of e-mailing ever female mp have not yet had a reply about male equality.


What i cannot get my head around is that this current government shouts on about equality yet right under its nose men are subsequently denied any means of representation.



Harriet it seems finds women more worried than men about the recession. Then goes on to publish "Real help for women" which is actually full of stuff useful for parents and carers of either sex. Surely its sexist to stereotype all women in this way! The usual crude stuff from HH


A minister for men would also need to look at setting up a public list of false rape claim offenders, given that the growth of this group has been encouraged by the wider anti-male campaign to criminalise all men. Also, he should look into the potential abuse of young, economically vulnerable men targeted by fertility clinics for sperm donation. Go for it!


the above petition got knocked back in a usuaal shitty way, see...

unlikely it'll be any different this time around.

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