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Wednesday, 11 March 2009


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Its about time men took back control of their own lives.When women realise that making all men potential rapists they are ensuring the breakdown of family life as we used to have.Rape is a terrible crime but false accusation is just as terrible and the "preferred"weapon of the woman.Its the old addage there is no smoke without fire and its always the brand men carry even if innocent.Just try getting a job where a CRB is required and see what happens.Since the inclusion of "other disclosures" the police can say what you were arrested but not charged regardless of no charges being brought.You will always get turned down for employment if any "other disclosure" is included.Then try and get that information removed.I have been trying for a year and its tossed back and forth like a beach ball to every department under the sun.The government believe that the innocent are just collateral damage so dont really care to change anything plus they dont want to offend the "womens" lobby.If women have rights now-men have lost most of theirs because if women cant get their own way or want to cause mischief they just cry rape.Even if not proven but not cleared you are guilty anyway.Society has changed for good and women have a great deal to answer for.Just look at the man suicide rate purely down to being accused of rape-not charged but accused.I now avoid women and children because its always in the back of my mind someone is trying to accuse you just for speaking to them.I havent worked for 5 years.


can anybody help me my partner was accused of rape 3 years ago but was never charged cos of the lack of edevience and the girl kept changing her story and the girl had told her friend that she had slept with him but now for the past 3 years we are being tortured by this girls family and friends and the police won do anything can any1 give me adivise please steph

mark dunning

Hi i have being going through the same thing and it was only in the last couple of weeks i am destroyed by this and i cant understand how girls can get away with this. as i have a very good partner who trust's me i know that i should be ok but i do have the same problem with the girls family taunting me


Every time you get angry, you poison your own system.

irish guy

i am currently being wrongly accused of rape- i have been charged with rape by the police because there two conflicting storys they cant chose me or her story of events-and i had to appear before a court in northern ireland who have me on bail, awaiting PPS in england its CPS to prepare a file- the paper put your name in and blacked you its a joke!!- what happened was a drunken night out way my boss we went back hotel room i only remember awaking way her on side angle/top of me i push her off and say no ive a gf she hits me and repeatly hits me inflicting injurys on me.. none on her btw! and crys rape and because there dna there as we did have contact and i take it it was consentale sex because she cryed rape i have to be put threw this awful process even thou i didnt rape her the law is very one sided!!!
anyone know what i can expect or have had gone threw this before?


My story goes... My husband had a friend thay had been buddies for awhile. Later we add her to her cell phone acct. to help her out. My husband helped her moved into her apartment. Picked up her 16yr. old daughter from school when she need him to. My husband friend would help type up letters for us etc. Over time I got curious and decided it was time for her to get off our cell phone acct and she can get her own. Long story short.. she is off our cell phone acct. Few months later, my husban gets arrested, now my husband is accused of rapping her 16yr old daughter. They say this incendent took place 8months ago the girl is now 17. One minute she say it was rape then later say it was centual it was not forced. The police have no evidence just the child statements and her mothers. However at one point the daughter wanted to back out of the deal and was not cooperating but then here comes her mother who is wanting to push the situation becouse she is pist at my husban apparently she started developing feelings for my husband and he paied her no mind. The daughter also began to have some type of feelings for my husband and tryed to get him to engage in intercourse and tryed to give him oral he refused and the daughter got upset and told him if you say somthing then I will say you raped me. My husband said you better not tell that lie. So My husband figured he handled the situation So in embarrasment my husband said nothing. This child were are dealing with is a troubled teen who is always getting kicked out of schools, drinks, smoke,fighting and is a bullie. and yet my husband is still in jail for 2months because dealing with a child they have more of a protecting shield against them when some body say they raped a child. But to me if sombody rapped your child why would one wait 8 months later to report it. That would be reported immediatly right? Can any body else see the BS. Its just totally wronge. I hope the judge see the lies etc and throw the case out.


i had personally experience this incident in my life and seen and experienced the whole justice system from the beginning to the end. i was lucky enough to emerge from this quick sand thanks to the melodramatic scene from the accuser and inconsistencies in her statements in front of the jury. i have mange to leave this behind for last 3 years but i am developing hate against the whole female race. every time i apply for the job that requires enhanced disclosure i feel like being emotionally and psychologically raped. i am let down by the system that actually prevents me to have a normal life that i want.


@ Halloween,
i am sorry to hear about you being involved in this adverse situation. well, i think you really have to put your head into the case if you want your barrister to help you. if the PPS found your DNA from the semen then that gonna be the biggest blow to your defense. As soon as your barrister sends you the legal document prepared from PPS you will experience psychosomatic symptoms. this is the time to put yourself together rather then letting you go. so be focus and keep attending some counseling sessions to help releasing your catharsis. good luck for your case


@ Fenna,

lets face the fact that rape is a very serious form of crime in British Legal System therefore police always sends it report to the CPS for the advice. It is CPS that advices police to charge the individual or not. once you are charged and arrested, because of the seriousness of the crime, the magistrate sends the case to the crown court stretching the trial up to a year depends upon how the CPS brings the case. the motive behind the allegations seems unclear and i believe CPS will try to benefit from it. however, you can ask your defense team to apply for the permission to study the social services file related to the accuser. this file will be studied only by the judge and if there is anything that deflects the character of the accuser then it will be shared to the defense team. i would recommend if your husband thinks he is innocent then it would help him to give the evidence in the court room (do not forget this is the time that CPS gets the direct chance to question your husband as well as your defense).

good luck

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