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Wednesday, 24 June 2009


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Rory O'Loughlin

"This needs a complaint to the Equalities Commission and the Council."

So why haven't you? If you believed in what you are saying, then you would follow it up, even if only to be ignored. I have mad many offical complaints on what I have learned on this site such the Home Pride commercial, or the Sintillate breach of the Sex Discrimination Act.

If we are going to get anywhere in stopping this discrimination, then we must do more than simply think to ourselves.

John Kimble

Done some more research on the issue - seems there were big protests over this back in 1996/7 and the policy was actually abandoned for six months due to some brilliant MRAs called the "Equality Squad" actually complaining it was a breach of the sex discrimination act. They even went in the the actual library itself and waited to be kicked out in order to highlight the issue and so they could prove had been discriminated against.

Seems they ultimately didn't win, though article form back then state two libraries were banning men (on for 4 hours!) and now I can only find one. Assuming both bans were 4 hours long, then that's a 75% drop in the amount of gender apartheid, so things are certianly getting better.

I wonder if any new (post 1997) legislation could be used to finally get rid of this sexism for good? Perhaps onone is needed and the original decision is wrong - surely unless they have a men only session too then it cannot be legal?


Rory I think the owner of this site does his bit for the cause. The "why haven't you" attitude is an easy one to give out.

Why haven't YOU set up sites fighting against the current epidemic of male-bashing, if you believed in what you are saying...etc.


I have recently sent an email to the Scottish Health secretary and local MSP about the bias in health care. Education and Health are the two topics about male discrimination that really get on my goat. If I sense that my son is getting a raw deal at school I will not be slow in letting them know!

You need to speak up rather than stew in silence.

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J. MacKie

I was ordered out of Cossington street library in leicester one saturday morning in 1999. It was a women only session. I complained to the Equal Opportunities Commission as it then was. They basically told me "tough".

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