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Sunday, 26 July 2009


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Cory Aidenman

Thanks for the post, surviving divorce and separation is hard to deal with. I've experienced how surviving divorce financially is hard.


The demise of our society is due to Courts accepting what every female spouse lie about and without due care and attention MEN are being penalised all the way.
Recent Case in a court outside London.
Husband hard working, extremley naive and simple and practically like a slave. Now wife has British Passport and lied to all including the court, but wins on all accounts , husband is forced to lose proerty, wife Richa nd has house and boy friend stays , even though marraige was not much of a marraige, a way to obtain residency and Passport.

More crimes , more trouble in the world because the courts are ANTI men 150% .
i KNOW THERE are soem men who lose their temper, but the deception and lies by some women takes thre biscuit.

Lets push for

Pre nuptials
No fault divorce and remove the way the pot is distributed.

Austin divorce lawyers

I think this is really one of the best post about the human mentality. I think divorce is the most popular thing which can be seen anywhere. SO i think lack of communication is the main problem. Anyways keep sharing your thoughts.

Vetrano & Vetrano

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Books about divorce are always the same and never solve.

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