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Monday, 19 October 2009


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John Kimble

Good to have you back. A great story that I expect most people missed too!

The Men's Advice Line and Respect are the same organisation i think. They are just a front for feminists who want to pretend they are helping male victims of dv. I heard one of their spokesmen interviewed on Woman's Hour a while back and even though teh topic was specifically male victims of dv he spent most of the time going on about how there were so many more female victims and how they had it all so much even though the question he was asked had nothing to do with that!

As for the White Ribbon campaign, well they're significanlty worse. Quite frankly they're the biggest set of self loathing, sexist man haters you could ever wish to meet. A truly sick organisation trying to demonise all men and bully and shame them into feeling guilty for actions of people they've met. I suppose to be fair it might be run by men, but there's a hell of a lot of females involved doing their dirty work too.


Indeed, great to have you back!

Well, this "Coalition of Men & Boys" - is that some sort of joke name? - I suspect has been set up by feminists and/or male apologists so as to muddy the waters within men's movement.

It is a very well known tactic to set up fake, proxy organisations in order to malign the opposition.

What to do?

Write to them and complain complain complain.

Why not set up a "Coalition of Women and Girls" to call for women to be free from being chained to the desk and allowed to bring up kids at home as a homemaker who works alongside her man; two halves of the roof protecting and nurturing their children together.

Then the feminists can stick that in their pipe and smoke it.


AHA! I UNDERSTAND ! Its NOT "The Coalition OF Men and Boys" but "The Coalition ON Men and Boys"...they are not comprised OF men and boys at all, but they will pass comment ON men and boys.

They are a government sponsored quango set up so the gov't can say it listens to men's groups. This is a true proxy organisation for feminists and the "women's" movement.

Note they refer to other men's organistaions (who don't agree with them) as 'men's rights' groups, implying that these groups are not in fact necessarily fighting for men's rights.

This is truely an incideous development.

There is a new tactic developing in the War on Men that I have noticed and that is to masquerade as a men's rights activist but then undermine the key issues and
perpetuate attacks on men by adopting feminist arguments as the base for so-called 'men's rights' campaign.

Time to join them en masse I think ! If they represent me then surely, as an equalitarian, I and my views - even though they contrast starkly with theirs - should be represented.

This sets a good example for children and especially helps society reflect common feeling, which in turn encourages healthy debate, which is of course, also good for women.

John Kimble

Some quite excellent points Bob.

However, we shouldn't suggest everyone in the coalition is a man hater. For example, the Men's Health forum would appear to be a perfectly decent, honest and useful organisation.


I agree the Men's Health Forum finds itself with strange company in this report. I agree that that the feminist inspired groups simply parrot some well worn lines. However it may motivate those more genuine organisations to also try and join up their voices. Overall more men need to get involved even in some of these groups so mesmerised by a dated femenism.
Oh and welcome back TROM


As we prepare for the Voilence Against Women and Girls report and National Strategy the Guardian no less published a detailed disection of the misuse of research and data by feminist idealogues.

A rather sordid topic but non the less educational story of basing policy and law on little more than fantasy. Pleasingly the minister(a man looking like Captain Mannering leading a feminist home guard)looked totally foolish when interviewed on Newsnight.

I wouldn't myself lift a finger to defend prostitution but neither should policy be based on such flimsy fabrications.


Wherever a Guvmunt-funded or 'approved' men's Organisation springs up be sure of one over-riding thing. It is a FRONT. It is a means of getting MRAs out of the shadows and into harness, and pulling in the wrong direction. The 'approved' direction.

Here in Tasmoania we have TasMen, supposedly advocating for men's rights - and yes they also have some 'health' programs that seem OK - but the unmoveable leader (as the Guvment funds him) is a 'counsellor who runs 'approved' anger-management courses using the Duluth Wheel !! The mind boggles.

They go in for weekend 'bonding' and 'drumming' retreats and 'sweat lodges' and other such distracting games that simply divert men from the task of criticising and countering feminism and directs their heads up their arses.

Also in Oz we have the ubiquitous Dr. Michael Flood, a 'super-mangina' who claims to represent the men's movement down under. The friggin' nerve.

By their fuits shall ye know them. (Unless they get to carnally know you first !)

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