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Friday, 27 November 2009


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John Kimble

Good stuff as usual, though you have missed one key point.

It's one thing for dv charities and the government to lie through their teeth when discussing and debating the issue of domestic violence generally. We know they've got a hateful agenda, but to some extent they do have the right to express their insane ideas in Parliament etc.

However what we're looking at here is them introducing such hate into the actual education system, and presenting it as fact.

You or I can see through the lies of the government when they pretend male victim do not exist, yet children have young developing minds, and tend to be trusting especially of teachers etc.

To abuse the educational system for political purposes is incredibly shameful at the best of times. However thsi sin't just any old issue they're playing politics with - it's people lives.

To deliberately lie to children about an issue as significant as thi through our schools in nothing short of child abuse, and it's tax player funded child abuse at that!

Good news that the bbc get a lot of complaints about sexism though - I really think the number of people truly interested in equality for men is growing quite significantly.


This was reported in the BBC News.

I made a comment in the morning of 25 Nov. When I checked back in the afternoon the facility to make comments had been removed.

My comment was that it was "totally sexist" to do this without also teaching girls it was wrong to hit boys.

My comment has not been published.


Please do keep trying and pointing out the sexism on this issue. I was pleased to see some students forming groups.


On the 19 November the One in Three Campaign site was launched in austratia. Take a look.

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