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Thursday, 08 April 2010


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John Kimble

Really good post, providing incredibly useful information in a concise form enabling people to make informed choices at the election. It's a shame no one in the media helps voters in this way.

On criticism would be that you should surely list ALL candidates elected by non democratic means rather than just the latest ones- i.e. any AWS candidates elected in either 1997 or 2005. In fact the 1997 lot are the worst of the bunch as their selection was illegal!

Also, given the the party as a whole tend to support such sexism, surely that rules out every single Labour candidate (other than perhaps ones explicitly speaking out and campaigning for democracy to be restored).


Yes.Funny how Harperson's hubby got selected. Seems the rules are rather elastic. Sad to catch a glimse of Dave and his dollies in a re run of the Blaire's babes pic. The really sad bit is there are many women who would be great MPs. Trouble is they will be considered as quota women not the equal of their male peers. The equality bill will strengthen such a quota approach to jobs in the public sector.

Wirral Herald

As the Labour Candidate in Wirral West is Cllr Phillip Davies,it doesn't seem have happened there


No _person_ should vote for any candidate from a single sex shortlist because such candidates are clearly no better than second best. If the candidate's own constituency party wouldn't have selected her if they had a free choice, why on Earth should we vote for her? I want candidates who, at the very least, have the support of their own constituency party.

As for the former chairman of the constituency Labour party in Wirral, Cllr Brian Kenny, saying: “We have decided as the constituency Labour party we want a women-only shortlist", is he completely brain dead? Why would they want a "woman only shortlist"? If the party wants a woman candidate, they can select one regardless of whether men apply too. The fact is, they know there are better male potential candidates, one of whom would be selected if the constituency party members had a free choice. A vote for a candidate from a single sex shortlist is a vote for an incompetent.

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