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Sunday, 30 May 2010


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John Kimble

I thought you were exaggerating when you suggested the Lib Dems produced a men's manifesto. The document really made quite excellent reading, though I thought the link to lower taxes were extremely tenuous. Men work full time more than women thus are far less likely to benefit from the Lib Dem proposal. I do agree with it, but it's far more of policy for women I believe.

I felt this was a much needed article against including importnat content noen of us were aware of, but does it take account of any negotiation that have gone on? Have any of the policies (good or bad) been dropped in order to establish the coalition?

John Kimble

The other obvious missing piece is the issue of domestic violence, not to mention the issue of democracy and also genital mutilation.


Fair point on missing issues but the points listed on the post are the ones actually in the Coalition Government's formal plans (ie they have gone through the negotiation process).


It will be interesting (and likely) to see which pro-men ideas are thrown out to reach a consensus. In 'negotiation' politicians 'reluctantly' let go of the least important to them, but let them go they do.

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These are the point in Coalition Government's formal plans


Thanks for the work done here. I have been surprised by the lib dems. I think the equality act and it's enactment should be closely scrutinised. The positive action clauses especially. I totally surprise myself in having some hope of the coelition. Whatever the weakness of content it is very good a party even noticed men.

christina sarginson

You are right there is a lack of women in the cabinet and there should be more. I too was disappointed to see a minister for women this is not really diversity. I am a woman and dont feel the need to have a woman minister, this goes against what i think equality is about. I hold my breath to see what happens and hope equality is not just paid lip service too.


Reading through the comments here uncovers a worrying trend, just as the womens equality movement has gone beyond fairness and we now see policies to hamstring men in order to give women an advantage, we're now seeing men calling for "pro men" policies.

We're in danger of having a see-saw battle of the sexes, why can't we just have equality for all, why to we have to be fighting to gain ground all the time. Of course many of us grew up in an era when women were chattel, so we remember the womens battle for equality, which some are still fighting, despite the fact that they have gained unfair advantage over men in many cases.

I don't expect to see the battle of the sexes end in my lifetime, not while personal vendettas are driving the whole families court process during relationship breakdowns, and false accusers are let off scot free whilst the falsely accused is left trying to rebuild their lives unaided.


One man who's already been given the 'push' by the new coaltion government is the Number 10 Chauffer. Despite the fact that he's of 20 years standing and has been the recipient of an MBE for his services, new PM's wife Samantha Cameron has had him moved to other duties for the simple reason that she says she feels uncomfortable having a man drive her children to school. Why?

Can't believe there hasn't been more outcry over this, but I guess this just goes to show how much this has now become the accepted norm.

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