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Saturday, 19 June 2010


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Thank you for your really exellent report on this. As you say it is heartening
that the debate happened at all. But to see the issues so well explained. As Mary Scanlon says shame on those so obviously dedicated to ignoring suffering. Proof that the work of constantly challenging falsehoods does work even if it seems painfully slow. Well done to the two Scottish women who set up the petition. And well done to those MSPs willing to challeng the orthodox mantra. This really has given me heart.

Christopher Charles Smale

I watched the recording of the debate - thanks for drawing it to our attention and for your analysis of it.

I was in one of my local courts with a male client recently. His sister was there to give some support. She told me she was bewildered by the posters everywhere portraying only women as victims. I think this is same kind of point Christine Graham was making, which you mention above.

My client and his sister both have a fair idea how he will be treated before he goes into court.

Paul Parmenter

Thanks John for bringing attention to this important news.


..and yet Scotland and Scots men vote for this shower year-in year-out. Scotland needs to stop this blind Labour voting every time. Not that the rest are much beter.

In 2007 I emailed my local candidates in the Scottish Parliamentary elections to ask their views and policies on domestic violence against men as few had ever expressed. None except the SNP candidate replied and she said she was only concerned with "domestic violence against women by men". Needless to say I didn't vote for them, nor Labour. The Tories continual poor turnout in Scotland means that there is no party whatsoever who can effectively represent me! I don't consider my number one voting issue of equality in law and the preservation of the family to be a minority view, yet not one of the major political parties states this as their policy.

As for the "Men's Advice Line", I was going to call them regarding my elderly father who has been drained of his pension for decades by a single mother who funnels ALL his cash to her kids and he's too scared to tell his own kids what's been happening until recently. I think I'll just not bother calling them.

I've not visited this site for a while and I'm very heartened to see its still the best forum for news on Men's Rights (or lack of them!)

Oh well, back to the "anti-rape" adverts that the feminists have managed to get in amongst the adverts of the World Cup.....because every man's a potential rapist remember!

John Kimble

Bob if you know men who are being abused they can always call the Mankind Initiative.

01823 334244

Fire Nation

I commend you for reporting on this as I would of had no idea otherwise from America. Heartening? Yes.

Please keep us updated. Always respected your site but haven't visited for a while.


@Groan, There was a case here in the States like that some years back where court was draped in DV posters depicting only male aggressors. They were particularly egregious as they attacked what are percieved as postive male role models.

He complained and the Judge in charge of Court House (a female) had them taken down immediately. They are a subconscious influence on judges and juries. Also they affect an accused perception of receiving a fair trial.

I'd complain.

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Lionel Anthony

The political plight of male victims of domestic violence differs from that of female victims only in that female victims get more publicity.
Domestic violence is not a gender issue and not the basis of some political competition. If we go down the route of competition with feminism we are in danger of trivialising the violence (psychological or physical) from which all victims of DV suffer.
We do well to emulate the early work of pioneers like Erin Pizzey whose courage and tenacity led the way to refuges for abused women, who fought equally hard for abused men and suffered the abuses heaped on her by her erstwhile colleagues.
Fight for equality for all victims, for justice and recognition but while we fight for men we cannot afford to turn our backs on female or child victims.


Very true Lionel. But an industry exists for women and children and denies outright that men are also worthy of compassion. Erin Pizzey herself and many women and men have pointed out this is an almost pathological refusal to countenance any male victims. I do indeed support all work for all victims, just at the moment the most un-heard are men. As you say the ideal is simply to extend help to all those who need it.


Great post. I’ll keep coming back to read even more.


I have been a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of my ex girlfriend.

I haven't ever phoned the mens advice line but i did phone "respect" who kindly informed me that my girlfriend was only "acting out at society's opression of women" so i know first hand that they are no good.

The real trouble lies with the police, the social services and the family courts.

Once i had the courage to finally end the relationship. My ex girlfriend waited for a period of 3 months then contacted the police saying that she had spent a month in hiding from me scared to contact anybody and that i had attacked her with a knife, i was arrested and spent 2 weeks in prison despite her word being the only evidence.

I count myself lucky that i was found not guilty but during my time in prison the social services with the agreement of my ex girlfriend took my children into foster care. at first i was not even getting contact with them but now, 1 year on, they are looking to have them adopted the social services and the family court believe everything my ex says even though she has had to change her evidence when presented with letters she has written to me, even though they admit she has been violent to the children and to my mother.
They just refuse to accept even the possibility of her being the perpetrator even to such an extent as to report to the court that my son claimed to have seen her "licking me" only when my solicitor pressed the point did they provide the email which said biting not licking.

They have even began to claim i would not allow her to leave the relationship, when in fact i could not get her to leave my mother's house and we even had to go to solicitor's to try to get her out. A fact which they intially accepted and even put in a statement to the court but now they are claiming this is not true. Even my ex girlfriend admits i was trying to get her to leave but she was refusing.

Something certainly has to change.

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