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Tuesday, 29 June 2010


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paul parmenter

My policy is that no employee of British Airways should be allowed out in public except on a leash, with a sign hung round their necks saying " Keep clear - dangerous animal".

This procedure is not meant to cause offence to employees of British Airways, nor is it meant to imply that all employees of British Airways are nasty, spiteful jerks. It is merely a precaution in the best interests of the welfare of the great majority of decent people in public places. It will also protect employees of British Airways from being attacked by people who might think they are an easy target for abuse.

John Kimble

Title of this piece contain an out of place "the". It doesn't read correctly.

Sick of Lies

"To minimise risk to the child, whenever possible we do not seat unaccompanied minors beside adult male passengers."

They forgot to add: "...but we've been willing to take the risk that one of the adult female passengers to whom we sit unaccompained minors beside could have been Vanessa George."

Otherwise, such an ommission would be proof that this isn't 'all about the childrenz' as BA claim and more to do with sexism.


Its incredible they can get away with this misandry. Can you imagine if they were removing women from seats next to children!!
Why not Jews, Arabs, Blacks?

Young boy see this and MUST be deeply affected by it. Is this what they have to look forward to? Second class citizenship.

If men are so dangerous they shouldn't have them on the plane at all. Of course 'men' are all the same y'know, if one man is a danger then all are, but when a woman is a danger to children she 'needs help and support'.

Its utterly outrageous and never reported in the media.

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