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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


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Great Youtube Video !! I didn't know that Race for Life was a CRUK event. I thought it was its own 'little' entity. Indeed their position and behaviour is outrageous. They masquerade as a UK Wide Cancer Charity for ALL, but in reality they have become an instrument of feminist oppression. I understand previous posts regarding this much better now.

Their attempts to change the information available online is even more telling. Seems like they've truely revealed themselves with that one.


Just want to say thank you for posting my video, as I made it specifically to raise awareness of the clear-cut discrimination, so thanks for posting it here.

Cancer does not discriminate, so cancer charities shouldn't discriminate, simple as that really, you'd think.


A member of my staff and another were planning to take part in the Race for Life. They're both very sporty and are always competing with each other. They would have raised quite a bit. I was in for £100 if he beat her but, there, you'll notice the problem He wasn't allowed to take part because it's a "women only" thing. As a result, neither took part. As they said, if they don't want our money, we shouldn't try to force it on them.


I would like to stress:
1) This is subject of a Stage 3 Complaint to The Fund Raising Standards Board - I anticipate their verdict in about 45 days time;
2) CRUK are not satisified with the discrimination of the 5K Race for Life - they have now introduced 10K events;

So, the discrimination increases!!!

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I've received a donation request from CRUK in today's post.

My response: I have instead made an online donation of £50 to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, and am now writing to CRUK to inform them that I will continue to make donations only to such alternative research organisations until they open RFL to male participants.

Cancer is something we should all be getting together to combat, and RFL goes utterly against this, instead sending out a dangerous and divisive message.

This way, the good cause does not lose out, only CRUK's salaried middlepersons!

More info about alternative research organisations here:


Prostate Cancer

Wow thanks for the very informative article about this. I hope that groups like this don't deter people about cancer research as there are really thousands of people who are in need of help from legitimate, well-meaning cancer related foundations.

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