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Thursday, 15 July 2010


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Another 10 womens lifes destroyed by rape...
jailed in the last week..
Adam lee Willams - 6yrs
Shaun NcDowell - 8yrs
Jonathan Hambury - pleads guilty
Patrick Davey - 15yr
Alan Harland - life
David Roach - 7yrs
Christpher Hudson - 4yrs
Philips Hopkins - life
Paul Dyne - 8yrs
Richard Harrison- 8yrs

Im sure the victims of this scum felt devastated, couldnt eat or sleep, rape is a worse crime than being accussed of it, these female victims are also collateral damage of websites like this

paul parmenter

Jez, women who are raped get massive help, support and compensation. The men who raped them get massive jail sentences. That is how it should be. It is not a problem that needs any fixing.

But men who are falsely accused of rape do not get any help, support or compensation. What they do get is a visit from the police with hostile interviews, searches, fingerprinting and spells in a locked cage. Despite their innocence they get their names splashed across the pages of their local press under the word "rapist", followed swiftly by condemnation and attacks, often physical, from their fellow citizens. They lose their good names, their jobs, sometimes their marriages and their homes. They get driven out of their neighbourhood. Both they and their families go through hell. They have nervous breakdowns. Sometimes they are driven to suicide.

Nobody helps them. Officialdom turns its back. They have to battle even to get a grudging admission from the police that they got it wrong. Apologies are as rare as hen's teeth. The mud sticks for years, maybe for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile the vile women who laid this horror on them by telling wicked lies get a ridiculously easy ride. The police are disgracefully weak, usually refusing to charge them even with a minor misdemeanour. Look at the notorious case of Gemma Gregory:

The police knew she was a serial false rape liar, but they let her get away with it time and again because they didn't have the guts to do their job and stop her. In effect she actually had police protection while she continued her trail of lies. She is far from an isolated case. But can you imagine the police allowing a man to commit eight separate rapes and still let him walk free?

So these liars rarely get prosecuted, and if they do they get off with risible sentences. They are unlikely to spend any time in jail. Even when proven guilty they can play the role of victims themselves, and it works a treat. Women's support groups and women's advocates rally round to hold their hands and offer counselling.

This IS a serious problem and it BADLY needs fixing.

There is no "collateral damage" from this website. How can there be collateral damage from the simple truth and the pursuit of justice? But where there is immense collateral damage is from the attitude that women's lives are more important than men's, that only women should ever be allowed to be victims, and that those born with a vagina should be above laws that are vigorously enforced against those born with a penis.

Where do you stand Jez?


"HEADLINE NEWS"...Exactly Jez.

Read some of the stories on the links around you on this site. Did you see those on the news? No? Neither did I. Why?


Stories regarding men just don't get the coverage, so of course if you get your 'news' from mainstream media you'll think that all men do is rape, murder and molest children.

You say rape is a worse crime than being accused of does that mean accused is guilty until proven innocent? Or its ok to falsely accuse? What is your point?

Think of all the men who have committed suicide because of the name and shame policies of the "scum" of the misandrous last government. Innocent until proven guilty? Not likely for a man accused of rape.

This site discuses Feminism and Misandry. There are plenty of women who have had enough of that too. You on the other hand just seem to be anti-male.


If you start with the premise that either of these crimes can be judged as some form of competition on the basis of the level devastation it causes the victim, the argument (as far as I'm concerned) is flawed.

Rape or sexual assualt is devastating to the victim and their family. False accusation of rape or sexual assualt is devastating to the victim and their family. It starts and ends there and one can never diminish or excuse the other.

Genuine victims (male and female) have a hard enough time bringing the perpetrators to justice without these "psychologically impaired" people thinking that they can escape justice or condemnation when they falsely accuse someone of something they haven't done.

The "accused" v the "victim" is the norm in most readers eyes. The "accused" is named. The "victim" is not. If the alleged accuser was offered the same anonymity as the alleged victim it would offer more of a balance but that is not afforded to the person being accused.

It is not a level playing field. It is not a competition and it is a great disservice to genuine victims of either crime to treat it as such.

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